Whether through error analysis of 404 301 redirection solution


read the article, the author found that misunderstood me. I will write an article to clarify the ideas, and introduce 301 redirect function.

2. is about 404 error URL, 301 redirect back to the original URL by. This note, I have not mentioned in any of the 301 to the home page or other pages of interesting examples in this article, is about from the outside (B site) chain into the own website (A), in the process of possible error URL spelling, link behavior or even deliberately add error error URL. 404 error

spider is not tube URL exists in the site you link internal or external, as long as in the process of crawling along URL the page does not exist ", will record a 404 error.

website, is not necessarily the site internal program problem. The spider through an external web site (B site as an example) a wrong URL crawl into its own site (A site, for example) can also cause a 404 error: URL error caused the error page.

before I published an article "Qiao 404 mistakes into" the site outside the chain with 301 redirection, about how the 301 redirect way from the external error URL to visit the URL, so as to transfer the weight of articles.

instead of A’s website


today in stationmaster net saw an article on the use of "301 redirect 404 page transfer into" harm his chain, refute me before the article’s point of view. I feel very good, the ability of Shanghai dragon industry is should have independent thinking and the spirit of this question.

The 404 error occurred in the


has always been there, have questioned friends can read. I’ll try to counter the following views of his friend (blue is a rebuttal friend’s point of view):

1. first I define two in the "301 redirect 404 mistakes into a site outside the chain" the idea:


The first section of the

"original author, 404 points to the chain of errors attributed and external sites caused by this sentence, but the 404 no ground for blame, wrong, is determined by their own website program, since there is no way to escape, such as in the webmaster online page can also appear many such as alive. The suffix 404 page, directly behind the accession to the 1.html, 2.html, can, That’s all., but if someone deliberately plan with the form of the chain link to this page, that link is for the site, such as this, can produce a 404 page, and there will be no other."

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