The analysis of ResellerClub domain name registration rebate plan

ResellerClub is Asia’s largest domain registrar, launched last week Chinese website, they provide the domain name service, since the agent, so I believe many of my friends care about is back, you should have heard about foreign host back thing, so, ResellerClub domain name registration is what a refund about


look at the official to introduce you to activate your proxy domain account after the last 3 months of the average amount of more than 100 registered domain name, then the next month to 15% new domain name, domain name registration can enjoy 10 cents each refund preferential refund next month to deposit returns to your account. Look at this estimate you will not understand, then, look at the official list of them!


above, if you three months average domain name registrations for 100, then the target your domain name registrations increased by 15%, next month will be 115, when the actual amount of your domain name registration of more than 115, to 120, they will offer rebates to you 0.10, then 120× you will get a return, $12, hard work.

but can also be seen in the table, if you average three months of domain name registrations for 250, then the target domain name registration you will become 288, when the actual amount of your domain name registration reached only 275, then your next month will not be able to enjoy their rebate plan.

estimates of their official registrations to the purpose of doing so is to enhance the domain name, by means of rebate stimulus domain sales agents, domestic domain agent, but whether there is a rebate opportunity, this is not very clear, and the foreign domain name, host operators, which are done in this field is good, they will try to maximize the benefits, and then return to the agent.

ResellerClub enhanced domain agent service, which launched Chinese website, in order to expand the market China, ResellerClub specially offers a month discount for China users, now through the Chinese station registered as ResellerClub customers in advance are lower for different levels of agency accounts, the account activation proxy before September 3rd, you can enjoy the price of the highest level.

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