Found around a network expert

My friend

in Shenzhen, Longgang, opened a shop for a medium-sized Certificate (license class), is not very rich. Know each other for about three years, he is also on the Internet, do not understand the network, the day before yesterday he said he scared me: in the 2000-2003 years basically every month use the site to make a month 50 thousand -15 million.

I don’t believe, a question, is Liuhe. Net.

how to make money?

help others print phone numbers, each 200-2000 yuan?

I don’t care what it is, only care about her money making mode, ask for a long time,

turned out to be like this:

he is in Liuhe. His home in Guangdong, Fengshun, Liuhe was the first thing from him to do, he is a Liuhe newspaper website, the data sources are Hongkong Liuhe tabloid, he Hongkong people, just one out, he immediately with the tools of newspaper into pictures and uploaded to the website..

flow later, someone asked him to do advertising, advertising model is advertising mobile phone number in the latest update on a picture. 2000, a picture of the four corners is 8000, so calculate, Hongkong newspapers have hundreds, many people see dozens of copies of a newspaper on average down 2000-5000, basically every period can receive a few thousand yuan.

I heard, immediately asked, why not now? No way, my students know this thing. So there is no illegal to do. Ask the domain name is: (not AD, the domain name has been registered by others for years)

personal judgment, this thing is true:

First of all, Liuhe,, this thing to the mainland, is indeed in his home there advanced, he has the possibility to do this site.

two. At that time the site is less, this kind of website is less, the person understands this thing of Liuhe, go to his website is a good choice, basically be tabloid update fast.


advertising model is feasible. The Liuhe buy a thing, do not know, basically is to hear who has a material, the hot degree, needless to say, estimation of advertising mobile phone to find burst. (because there is fruit, giving money to put the mobile phone number is mainly to let others pay to him, and then provide the so-called code what)

get to know later, I am an analysis, nothing more than professional traffic plus professional advertising.

writing is not good, are not too smooth, but in my heart there is a similar plan, stock, also have profit pattern, with the above information is similar, but the direct sale platform has a good idea, is less knowledge of stocks, the expert can contact me, you.