Found that the third generation of search charm where

three highlights: user participation in the search results to develop

seems to be quite a subversive tool. I have explored a bit out of curiosity, to see what the new search experience". Compared with the traditional search engine, found three highlights.

this is the embodiment of the third generation of search "open" the essence of. Search the contents of the past are produced by the developer, the search results are by manipulating search engines, ordinary users can only as a passive recipient in search. The third generation of search and completely open to the user, P >

we love Shanghai with a semantic input keywords relatively broad, tend to get very complicated results, the need for two screening, because the love of Shanghai also don’t know what you want to search what. But in the third generation search engine, type A has a variety of meanings of the words, the third generation of search can make certain semantic judgment according to the different needs of users, the integration of different search results, convenient for the user to choose. As input "struggle" two words, the user may want to search the TV, there may be a search for movies, there may be a search of Yu Quan’s songs and so on, can search for such motivation in anticipation, the integration of the following search results:

two highlights: Keywords intelligent semantic judgment


is open, said search results will be more accurate, efficient and comprehensive, and users can participate in the formulation of search results. The search is now only a China full implementation of open search engine, it is the home page:

The third generation of

is the same point in the corresponding topic page.

search results a list of headlines link in the past, each keyword corresponds to a special type of the results page, which contains news, Wikipedia, pictures, search and other related content, the more rich, more beautiful display page. In the page can not only find their desired results, even there will be a lot of windfall. As the keyword search for "Robin Li", the results as below:

The core of the third generation of search

highlights: the thematic results show

new search experience how much charm? Today (November 23rd) in the Internet to see a bit of news, said the search has received many young people of all ages, the expansion of users fast and stable, also said the user search habits are changing.


search engine China veteran Chen Pei (in CEO) the concept of open search was proposed in 2010, for a time caused a stir in the industry. Open search is the third generation of search, the first generation is based on YAHOO search directory as the representative of the second generation search, search keywords is to love Shanghai, represented by Google search.

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