How to promote the image of the website to make money and profit

for the image of the site, I was also recently started to do, the site is running less than a month, but the image of the site to promote and make money quite feel. First of all, the image of the website promotion methods.

, and other sites, like a blog forum to write articles, by the way with their own web site links.

two, and a large number of sites to exchange links. In fact, the station has more advantages than other sites, is a lot of men are very concerned about the site. And so the other site exchange links, if it is a "color" found, is likely to be attracted to your site.

three, put your picture site submitted to the search engine, let your site was quickly included and found.

other promotion methods, such as QQ promotion, e-mail promotion. However, this is temporary, has its own shortcomings. Talk about the image of the site’s profit.

In fact,

picture stand now profitable way to image ads, such as "nine wins", "propaganda" and so on. But GG is certainly not a good way to make pictures of the site, especially the text chain GG advertising. Has a strong match, it is easy to attract everyone’s attention. You can from my site "love beauty colored (" good to see this, because my site is new sites, so the current flow is still relatively small, but I found that the use of GG advertising to make money is absolutely feasible, but is fairly feasible. GG hits about $0.02 per click. So one day 1000IP words: 1000*2%*0.02=0.8 U.S. dollars, which is still less than the count.

High quality

IP site do not put too much advertising, I believe we still to make movies registered advertising money, in my experience is the station put 1 Flow Union (preferably in the lower right corner on the next move, there are a lot of people, can not say who is the best) and other pages including antithetical couplet the whole movie advertising registration, including the classification of bad classification put a free movie and movie full registration. Can be appropriate to add 1 clicks advertising alliance. Advertising does not seek to be more accurate in the film registration. This movie registration and click the effect is very good.

say low quality IP site

Low quality

IP site best put 3 right foot traffic alliance, including 1 on the dynamic flow alliance, including the upper and lower back 2 flow to union, thus allowing the flow of alliances and flow alliance each click on the IP.


how to make money? The method is very simple in place to try to put what advertising click pull pull film registered (inconspicuous place can be placed, should be even more not too many registered) free registration, as long as you can place it on the whole. Float must put. >