love Shanghai small update Shanghai dragon Er what should be done

second, when Wednesday Thursday not to increase the chain site wantonly. Love Shanghai for a short period of time to increase the chain has been very taboo, the anti cheating algorithms already, especially for many new Adsense website after website content, for fear of spiders can’t grab her, every day a lot of energy in the construction site outside the chain, the author suggests whether you outside of the chain is how to operate on Wednesday and Thursday, the best time not to increase in the reverse link new, because Wednesday Thursday is sensitive period of love Shanghai update, at this point we had better low-key, more high-quality content especially in the chain is the key to improve the quality, which is an important factor to ensure the site long stable rank.

as everyone knows, the search engines love Shanghai monthly, weekly, will carry out their algorithm upgrade, as a webmaster we must find out the analysis of love Shanghai in the process of updating the small details and small changes in the site, so that we can better do love Shanghai before updating to reduce problems caused because the details of website optimization excessive love Shanghai right down, embodied in the details of what aspects? We gossip short continued, and we conduct a detailed analysis of the author.

fourth, must in each week Tuesday Wednesday check chain. We know the website weight right down suddenly reduced many times are the cause of the Links, such as other sites down the right, may lead to our website ranking drop, a snapshot of the back, the other sites open, will be a direct result of their site affected, the most obvious performance.

first, love Shanghai before updating your website is best updated. The operation of the enterprise site, every day for the site to increase with high quality original content, but in the normal website snapshot has been in a backward state, but when Thursday updates, website snapshot has been snapshot forward promotion, on Friday so we in the update article must be better the steel used in the blade, as far as possible to grasp the love of Shanghai update time, before the love of Shanghai to make the adjustment to update your site, guesses here I love Shanghai, love in the day before the website updates.

third, love Shanghai every weekend after the update your snapshot of stagnation. Love Shanghai in every week before the weekend for the website snapshot proper promotion, because love Shanghai small update database is to update, a normal site, if every week has updated love Shanghai will certainly crawl to the site released a new snapshot, but many Shanghai dragon Er found their website snapshot is not all the way back before, this time we should how to operate. In this case the author thinks that the website is probably the weight itself is not high, and the update frequency is low, causing the site in Shanghai led to a decline in weight, this time we can increase the quality of the content for the website every day to attract the spider back, send some high weight chain with two first website weight lifted, so the snapshot naturally restored.

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