Webmaster good news 360 search launched a new search page is displayed it is illustrated

360 is not afraid, and China had 2 big Internet giant Tencent and love Shanghai have taken place in the cyber war, but I think 360 will win the hearts of the people, because it will be popular in the world! You look at Tencent which products do not want money, what members ah, this drill that drill, even the introduction of the big game in the mainland market is much higher than the foreign charge blade version, can be said to be acannibalistic demon, love Shanghai now users to search, the top few are all bidding keywords, click to all advertising, contrary to the real self that focus on user experience, is home page in front of the whole auction is garbage station, seriously affect the user’s mood, and use effect, some people began to betray love Shanghai, turning to the 360

360 something really good, green environmental protection, do not say anything else, the light from the 360 of all products, and products of LOGO pages are green, people feel very comfortable, relaxed and clean! I use 360 a long time, today I entered the 360 search: site: blog.58shuo.cn found in I was very surprised, results as shown, it is treated like a large, illustrated to show users show 58 blog

for the 360 we are not in a strange, from the perspective of the development of the 360, he showed a lot of amazing places, in the peer inside can be said to be formlessness, in silence, instantly defeat competitors, let competitors can not resist for 360 moves, from the 360 security guards the first is based on computer security as the core, as a means to free, real scored China Internet market, although the beginning is free, from computer security to the present site safety and safety related, who have done it, don’t look at 360 is free, but he is really the big winner, with excellent service and free he conquered Chinese netizens, won the net love, win their users and market, 58 said that the blog has been very optimistic about 360

I thought by 360 attention, because the love of Shanghai only Daniel level site can be subjected to such treatment, then listen to the friend said a few days this effect disappeared, now just a test, you can go to test, if not all of the sites are such shows, like the Shanghai dragon industry the leader shows as follows:



1 highlights: special show "hot smell like" love Shanghai for a special news station marked as

I have said to the 58 360 search blog display analysis, there are 4 highlights




2 highlights: increased "for a group of" >

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