The search engine algorithm the development history of Shanghai Longfeng influence


search engine is not love Shanghai in the three major domestic search engine, search engine in the article mentioned, because some of the problems of the domestic China as long as in Europe and the noble baby market search engine gave up Chinese market, after the launch Chinese baby aristocratic market, Shanghai began to develop rapidly in love home, and crazy to occupy the domestic search engine market, love Shanghai gradually become mainstream domestic search engine, because love Shanghai to occupy the domestic market, a lot of people diverted to study love Shanghai algorithm, but they found that for >

we all know, China domestic research of Shanghai Longfeng relative foreign later, but in 1995-2003 years Chinese domestic people began to start to study the search engine optimization, but it was called the search engine rankings, rather than what we say and search engine optimization in Shanghai Longfeng, following the YAHOO search engine after the advent of domestic because the SP industry profits under the stimulation of Shanghai dragon in the domestic industry "soaring" really, the word is not too high, but at that time the Shanghai dragon is relatively easy to do! At the time of the search engine for cheating means is not very sensitive, so that many top ranked websites are all done with cheating methods, by 2002 the search engine giant noble baby had a update, this update is the position of cheating against most of Shanghai Dragon For an update, severe at that time, people know: rely on cheating in ranking is not a permanent solution, we must study the optimization technique is justified, because the update to promote the widespread use of noble baby Shanghai Longfeng white hat optimization techniques, but also promote the birth of Shanghai dragon industry


1994, the birth of the world’s first search engine YAHOO, then YAHOO search engine has just come out, then that is a directory, in the second years after the advent of YAHOO, is also in 1995, appeared in the studies on the YAHOO search engine rankings, as in YAHOO search engine can get a good ranking algorithm of its people are discussed, and in 1995 as YAHOO produced by Shanghai dragon, so 1995 is Shanghai dragon birth year, on the Internet there is a website called "Internet Archive", through this website we can check the status of a YAHOO search engine in 1995 at that time the YAHOO search engine ranking is very simple, even if you have an eye-catching title also can get good rankings in YAHOO, here, I want to We should have a sense of Born Under A Bad Sign

we know that each search engine has its own search engine algorithm, and each search engine algorithms are constantly updated, and Shanghai dragon, the most important is to understand the mainstream search engine algorithms, to optimize their algorithm to the site! Well, the Taizhou Shanghai dragon share with you, the influence caused by the search engine algorithm to update the development of Shanghai Dragon:


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