The final transformation of Shanghai Dragon the degree of customer experience Optimization

search engine technology gradually improve the current major effect of Shanghai dragon

in China to now have ten years, the development speed of the ten years of the Internet has spread to every corner, its influence has been involved in every industry. Now the Internet has basically finalized basically in hardware, the development of space has been gradually transformed by the hardware to the software. That is to say the development of space will be the future of the Internet is in the software, the software on the Internet to achieve modernization and extreme, when intelligent software to a certain extent, our Shanghai dragon will reduce a lot of work is necessary, such as we are now a search engine to identify pseudo original, pseudo original time. We can only be original! Then due to the degree of intelligence, can accurately identify the chain, we do Shanghai dragon also send the chain

in a few years ago, Shanghai will do traffic Longfeng posts can be easily, then pay attention to the internal optimization, and now not only to pay attention to the internal optimization, external links, but also pay attention to the original article. With the development of the Internet, we work in Shanghai dragon is changing. So I think in the development of the Internet to a certain extent, our work in Shanghai dragon and what great transformation? This we must from several points of view:

"content is king, the chain for emperor", this is now a lot of people shouting slogans, content is king, I will not say here, the main point of the chain for the emperor, we now know that many search engines are judged according to the contents of the quality of the chain, it is based on the "King" to judge "the king is good or bad! Why search engines use this method to judge, is almost entirely due to technical limitations, because the technology is limited, so only through the chain to determine the content of good or bad, but when did the search engine technology to improve after a few years, certainly no longer through the chain and how to judge the quality of content quality at that time! All in the direction of the degree of customer experience, then certainly becomes the Shanghai dragon customer experience optimization.

?The original Since 2000 the rapid rise of Internet

said that China Internet twenty years fluctuation that have been in the past half, and ten years later, this is true or false? That is to say, with the development of the Internet, Shanghai, eventually there will be changes?

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summary: after all, the purpose of search engine is the customer experience, temporarily just because the technology is limited, so by the chain to determine the content of quality, but the Internet is extremely modern and intelligent, is it time to rely on the chain to judge! If we completely transform into customer experience optimization the workers in the

what is the use?Second:

: first, the direction of development of Internet and the impact on Shanghai dragon

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