Share website of Shanghai Longfeng healthy nine steps

domain name information (Whois): if the web site keywords ranking is not ideal, the domain name registration time will be the first to see their own website, if it is to buy the domain name, the best look is sold. In general, if the domain name registration time is very short, so do not rank is normal, so the new station is not very good weight.

Shanghai dragon always encounter a lot of problems puzzling the

link status: external links website with YAHOO backlinks tool online inquiry in general, if many of them are from the forum, blog or some comments, so this is not a healthy website should be the case, which is likely to affect the search engine on your web site, the overall judgment.

page: the page settings mainly rely on experience to judge whether the title, such as keyword, description and Keywords tag is written in accordance with the standard, also is the site of the Links are IP or IP, they are not interested in the home key anchor links on the page, these factors are not necessarily causing the problem, but the possibility is very large.

included: whether YAHOO or noble baby, love Shanghai, if your site has made the basic Shanghai dragon, so it should not be a problem, if included in the site accounted for less than half of the total number of pages, so that basic problems with the site link structure.

DNS DNS is set: sometimes a lot of problems, especially some of the low price space is particularly prone to technical problems, sometimes improper setting will affect the search engine crawl and crawl, but when accessing the page is completely normal, but the problem is not necessarily directly affect the ranking.

site, for example, has been trying to update the original ranking has been why not? Why do all external links weight does not come up? And sometimes even a good website ranking is also relatively easy to fluctuate, actually a lot of time is because of our website itself, to talk about today I think, it is a "healthy" on the website, look at your website where still need to improve.

with the IP website: whether to buy servers or virtual space, should be started before using the tool to check the IP address if there are traces of punishment if it is, it depends on the server before, what sites have included, if it is, then the current with IP what are the website, check whether the search Pastebin, if you can query to the web site, and a are not included, it is best not to use IP.

: "the hidden text hidden text is not desirable to cheat one way, is to narrow the font or use than on the same background color and text color, these are not hidden from the search engine, press Ctrl+A (Quan Xuan), is likely to find some hidden text," Shanghai dragon these cleverness to sooner or later the website will be linked

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