The concept of synchronization and search engine algorithm changes no longer worry

search engine is based on the content, the chain gathered at the start, then we will address these two points, really think. Before you send the chain have the user has no use? Content is the same, so the user has no use? If the user does not have, then you send him what is the significance? Talk about below we split the two.

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how to achieve synchronization with the

this is difficult, because no matter what they think, how to change the algorithm. All around the user experience, Zhao Yangang is often said "what users want to want to do for the user"……

how to achieve synchronization with the

search engine?At present, search engine?

: the construction of the chain release platform of the chain we certainly have a lot of statistics, but you are not on the user does not have with the chain? Chain and the station is the same, if the user does not need, or the title and content on the number, the user will be angry to turn off the page. He did not want the content, do not turn off what

on the front page of the Links part, and point to their home back to the chain. This a few years ago can be said to be useful, but now no use. To say why? Want to switch, if users see the anchor text display content through the hyperlink of hope, but it is still your home page, the user experience is good or bad


page has many point to the home page of the anchor text. Yes, this is not only useless, but also be considered cheating, the search engine will give you points. Go to the same thinking in accordance with the above logic, the anchor text of your keywords, and point to the home page, is to solve the problem of the user is of course the best, if not, then you do not.


today to say Shanghai dragon theory of thinking, because since Zhao Yangang has been found, every webmaster, Shanghai dragon in times of Er search engine algorithm update, will worry about ranking, and thereby a lot of complaints, the negative voice of oncoming. In fact, as long as we achieve synchronization with the search engine algorithm, regardless of how changes are not out of this circle, that is "user experience".

some people may not understand it, because we try to figure out who love Google, Shanghai doctors thought, is a difficult thing, how can we find them a little webmaster of a team about

site: soft, often see many websites there are some information and so on what the industry news, company and so on, but few common problems, the user through the keyword search into the site, find the related issues or related services, you put these things into he doesn’t care what position the statistics user? What we need, in the most conspicuous place, do not help users? Not doing SEO

Shanghai Longfeng elimination technique:

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