Soft Wen contribute three elements how to make A5 soft 100% by

three, the words must reach a certain amount of

, a basic point of view must be

A5 submitted to the soft effect we can see, an article with a link out, you will find the article was reproduced a large number of websites, the chain has also increased significantly, so the soft release in A5 webmaster net friends more and more, many beginners for this is still very confused, because of their soft Wen contribute a the first time was returned, began to hit, let many novice quit, originally writing ability is not how, spent half the time to finish, even so mercilessly abandoned. Here’s what A5 soft Wen contribute the most basic three elements (are summed up):

in the soft A5 is generally difficult to pass, in fact, if we are to Shanghai dragon, web site operators to promote these are not very understanding, it is hard for us to write some very technical content of the article, so we have no way to text in A5? I can write some casual conversation for example, the webmaster should how to enhance your body; you can also write some of their own experiences, such as optimizing a website, the process and effect and views can rest, these experience the ashes, write out the view is correct.


for soft words, or to have a good grasp of a few words, the general description of things too, there is no what good persuasion, unless some very creative articles, or short articles do not.

this is an article of the basic elements, if you write with the too big discrepancy, so even though I have literary talent, also won’t let you edit the a5. We all know that Shanghai dragon has a lot of uncertainty, many things are not only, but the most basic thing is to meet everyone’s taste, not too exaggerated and affirmation, such as their title is: the snapshot will affect the keywords ranking, but he described in the chapter are no convincing. Some of their own imagination and speculation.

wrote a lot of friends, regardless of paragraphs, the article looks like a pile of dense words, in fact, this will also affect the editor’s mood, perhaps because of a bad mood and put your website shut out, so we write a soft text, you can hit a good first draft, good outline, the first paragraph write out 1234, highlight the theme, and then according to their own paragraph theme to write such an article can not only make smooth finish, and look comfortable, website paragraphs clear, let the reader know at a glance what they want to express, here to advise you, if you write a soft. Not completely to all steps, don’t want to write a sentence, then write the article certainly takes a very long time, and writing Don’t let people feel satisfied.

two, paragraph level clear, highlighting the theme of

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