Shanghai Longfeng Optimization B2B website how to bring traffic

use the existing platform now many well-known platform for us to use. For example, Witkey platform, we put each corner to publish their own written articles to the Internet, sometimes not every corner, only need to compare the target population gathered corner can love. This effect can make people produce different degree of brand impression on you, also can bring certain flow, the most important is the cost is generally not high, and the promotion of soft collocation, complement each other. Many webmaster do stand, do GGAD are in such a way. Still have the effect.

Webmaster Tools competitors for your query, query keywords to their website very much, especially the long tail keywords, these words are a certain amount of search, but also easier to optimize words, updated daily articles about 20 articles, then put one of the few false original title. Are set around the long tail keywords set, the best from time to time to write a few original article. This included in the site and long tail traffic are ascending, with the first one says the portal soft, is currently the mainstream way.

website alliance website alliance now is a very good way to promote, although also need to pay for it, but the conversion rate is relatively high, relatively strong. Many large Internet Co have opened their affiliate marketing. This is the advantage of the site allows you to instantly displayed in the most relevant Internet location and corner. This way than the traditional direct advertising is more efficient, more cost-effective. So today I summarize and we share some Adsense when browsing the website often others found all kinds of alliance advertising, but he didn’t have this thinking, want to read this article.

targeted promotion


news article popularized this method needs some financial support, but the effect is very good. No matter for keyword optimization or for getting traffic is good thinking. Because the weight of large web sites, we publish articles, not only let many users can browse directly, more important later when people search can find these articles, so it is the cumulative effect. The specific approach is to prepare hundreds of high quality soft, the use of the product, from actual experience, on the view of user help to write, and then publish. This flow is slow, but the duration of a long time.

The use of Step

give the webmaster to ask a question, what is a concern, then I believe that most people will answer the traffic, because the flow rate can be changed can be realized. But usually do when standing, we think sometimes only stay in the Shanghai dragon, only rely on keywords for drainage, today we according to the B2B website, in addition to get traffic through Shanghai Longfeng outside again and you talk about another four main drainage channels, I hope everyone can benefit.


methodShanghai dragon


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