Share a chain exchange in the process of Maoni and skills

PR from China market in Google, the utility has been greatly than before, now is only a simple reference, so the new Adsense when looking for a chain exchange, don’t waste too much time on it.

3 in the opinion of the author, a website main keywords ranking is the best example of the strength of the reaction site, if the 4-5 site of the primary key in the ideal position, then we can consider the link between them and exchange. Of course, when judging the main keywords, we also according to the competition situation of the main keywords, keywords and archaeology. If the other party is rare, so we have to find another test method.

After 4

A mandatory requirement of

love sometimes very ruthless, take about 6.28 of the update, K lost one of my sites, do I now feel awkward, but we also love Shanghai tortured old webmaster, heart bearing capacity can still, not because of a setback and two times besides, 3 years also let oneself mature a lot, at least in the construction of the chain and content with their own set of methods, will not easily be fooled. Speaking of the chain cheated, I still have a deep feeling, he had just graduated, no experience to do the station, and a lot of weight higher than their website chain, thought the bargain or hit you, who know each other in the "shield" my website, do I gave him a free transfer weight for a long time, until now, the root itch.

5 Web site outbound links is an important index in the US > select friends stand

1 web page snapshot although does not fully represent the strength of this site, but the snapshot update slow is definitely a problem, or is the weight drop, or web site update problem, all friends love Shanghai station is in the penalty fringe, so link exchange with this website, webmaster must be careful.

but dad said, what do have to pay tuition. Do it too, don’t you know cheated a plot, only more experienced will become more mature. 3 years can not say that they have learned all the skills and methods, but the focus of building a chain or have their summary, today to share out the dry cargo is to let more novice webmaster know how to do the chain is the most rapid and most effective.

Shanghai The number of

2 website and snapshot update frequency is the same reason, see a lot of writer before, that included and weight is not much, but one thing is for sure, the website included less that in addition to railway station by K website, and K web site is like poison, and if they link exchange is nothing more than cast from the dead end, so exchange link owners must look at each other’s number included, can not say that there must be hundreds of thousands, is.

exchange chain:

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