Forgotten how many friends in Shanghai dragon stick

this is a picture of a friend sent me this evening, from his meaning revealed he had been attached to the Shanghai dragon, but the form has changed. This is Yuan Kun and guardian agree: some people have a search, search there Shanghai dragon. Just look how you do it.

doing the bidding is good, play with mass effect, we play in the media, we play in the community…… Shanghai Longfeng hope, Shanghai dragon for a long time, the boss will not give time, we can not make any money, we do not play the Shanghai dragon.


began to do network marketing have always been questioned in all aspects, you is not small ads? And their media platform also resisted the network marketing, of course, said he is also accepted Internet operation. As the basis of network marketing of Shanghai dragon is forgotten, guard Yuan Kun doing things a commonplace talk of an old scholar.


if you see here, do not leave. Then you think of Shanghai Dragon Guard Yuan Kun also have a thought of hope, so how to Shanghai dragon playing? At least a few factors should be paid attention to:

it is recommended that you can study love Shanghai search engine optimization guide, love Shanghai webmaster tutorial school. Of course you can study search one hundred thousand why, Shanghai dragon.

really has been bad mouthing are not played, playing well. Really play in the muffled money, a lot of Shanghai Longfeng expert in muffled money. As Shanghai dragon industry leading search for so many years or so fire, how many friends really pay attention to the

Shanghai dragon is a technology, Shanghai dragon is an art, Shanghai dragon is a kind of thinking, but the Shanghai dragon takes a long time to operation is. No one asked bided fame. However, how many Shanghai dragon finally fame? Guard Yuan Kun also witnessed the Shanghai dragon brilliant, of course also saw a bitter struggle. Most of my friends just to do daily work, day in and day out year after year, but can not see hope.

in an Internet industry group, each friend set label. I said one sentence: set the label in the establishment of network marketing, you said I was advertising. Since the media set, as if they are not purely from the media. Have a group of friends said: you do not have the Shanghai dragon call this tall on? Here I can only smile. Some people know Shanghai Longfeng, not bad.


Shanghai dragon has been forgotten most of my friends, like the forum does not play, do not play blog, QQ group does not play, micro-blog does not play, may soon WeChat would not play games. Don’t play is always a good play, has been in serious play, at least to guard Yuan Kun felt, Shanghai dragon can play down. But the platform has changed, this is the only way.

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