The difference With and without a slash slash

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on the web site with "/" and without "/" there was a lot of discussion. Because when the hair of the chain often tangled in the end or not to bring a slash "/"

1, domain name to slash ("/")

domain name and slash to the search engine has no effect, will eventually capture the domain name default page content on the content, no difference, not what effect. But for the server, the server will not add a slash process of judgment, and will return directly to slash the website set up to store the default page in the root directory of the web site. Different server judges vary, involving server technical details this is not done introduced.

? Original:

2, similar to the xxx贵族宝贝/ and xxx贵族宝贝/ of Shanghai Shanghai Dragon Dragon / the 2 site with which

"this is not nonsense? One is the root directory of the web page, one is the two level directory, it also requires the selection, what with what

B, xxx贵族宝贝/ URL of Shanghai Longfeng hypothesis to rewrite xxx贵族宝贝/ Shanghai Longfeng / on the same page, it should be used with which the.

then with or without? This can be based on their own preferences. If not the pursuit of perfection, a little bit of the server performance, time loss and ignore it. Don’t take slash, looked comfortable, the chain also has the advantages of simple and convenient.

贵族宝贝uy86贵族宝贝/post/11.html all rights reserved, please indicate.

a, xxx贵族宝贝/ URL to rewrite the Shanghai dragon hypothesis to xxx贵族宝贝/ / Shanghai dragon on it, then the process will be more xxx贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon URL rewritten, with little loss of performance and time, the same way, by which site depends on personal preferences, but must pay attention to the URL of the unified, selected one, in the chain and the chain are used to this, this is because the contents are as like as two peas to search engine search, but the 2 address corresponding to 2 pages, at the same time use will cause weight dispersion. For example, Shanghai dragon why forum is unified with /bbs/.

, xxx贵族宝贝/ Shanghai, this web site, generally use the URL redirect:

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