Share as Shanghai dragon Er we should strengthen the security of the site from which a few respects

two: change the password strength

three: use a secure server

our daily when setting the password love set some of your familiar number, for example, my QQ number is my birthday date, you might think that who would know the date of your birthday will be used here. But I want to say is as hackers they don’t go to guess your password, password cracking tools they will direct the use of violence. This method of using violence to describe is not excessive, because they will use the "dictionary" (commonly used digital combination, contains tens of thousands of letters and so on), then through the use of software to calculate your password. When the impact on a site of your password is cracked after it is fatal, hackers may hang Kamiki Ma on your site, which will affect the status of your site in the user or search engine, and may be for you as a user loss. For this, I suggest that you can be in combination with letters, spaces, numbers when setting the password, and the password should be updated regularly.

for a site, stability is of vital importance. If the safety of a site, not to mention the optimization. We as Shanghai dragon Er more to Caution! Problems of the site, because the site’s safety problems will not only lead to lower your credit in the search engine, the more important your site may pose a threat to the user, such as your site is hung up the trojan. So as our Shanghai dragon ER in the site of the security problem we should improve from what aspects? I will in the following from the hardware and software of a site of the exposition.

now most of the owners have chosen to use the station program to build his own site, common open source WordPress and DEDE station program. The station program can provide fast and convenient for our website. But these are some of the open source code of the website system, the attendant is public safety. So how do you deal with security problems because the site and drew? Is the simplest method of real-time update your website program version, including some repair patch vulnerabilities. This can make your site can reduce the probability of being attacked because the station program problem.

website. The most important thing is to work on the server. We need to do security at the site of the software updates, security update server is also essential, security patches and updates the server version should update the server provider. Because the service may be more expensive, if you are a small business website is not very dependent, I suggest you use the web hosting, web hosting and communication security matters, if you are a web site or rely on large e-commerce sites.



: regularly update your website program

The security problems of the

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