mitating harm is the only way to reduce weight

according to this understanding, Taobao recently guest K station is fierce, many Taobao customers in order to let more included your own web site, and constantly calls Taobao off API procedures, and these procedures are often not on past content screening, resulting in excessive repetition of the content, but the current API application has been blocked, so now Taobao customer content to repeat more or own love to copy and paste content caused the increase in.

recently fell in love with sea station K is very real joy, many owners are caught, complained to love Shanghai ", and he went on extremely cruel and merciless" dragon Shanghai continue to engage in risk optimization methods, such as the optimization of the content, often by some Shanghai Longfeng function content collector in the Internet collection, this way has been proved the content of the website, very easily lead to duplication, and love of Shanghai K station is one of the most important reasons is caused by repeated contents, so in addition to the acquisition of content will cause duplicate content, then there is no other way caused by repetitive

found the repeat content of the website, then through the analysis of these reasons, we can further find ways how to solve the repetition of these contents, specific can proceed from the following six aspects.

also some design or picture class website, although the website content of text content is less, more is to show through the picture, but in fact many pictures are from the same URL address, for the love of spiders in Shanghai, the same URL address that same content, so that there will be repeated contents a lot of your website, this is why now picture website would be a cause of K.

? The content of the website causes

guest website will often repeat the set up in the home on different content, the content can be seen in the different columns, looks to have a strong recommendation, but these additional columns, with the increasing content of repeatability, will obviously cause love Shanghai antipathy.


there is a repeat of the web site is increased, such as some dynamic pages, a page is only after the user clicks on the dynamic form, but in fact are derived based on a database, for spiders will grab those static content and dynamic content is too much that is repetitive, it will give drop right. The dead links some sites if the 404 tip is not set, it will also be a spider that is repeated page, finally many websites make RSS subscription, once the improper setting of constantly being user reproduced, this will cause a lot of topics for the web site.

analysis of weight reduction measures In addition to the Taobao


web content repeat source

should be possible to edit their own original content, eliminate the collection, even if it is collected over the content, but also through re writing, so as to enhance the content of the original.


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