The love of Shanghai was included to reduce the ripple effect of Google PR soaring


also included the Wuhan Shanghai love sometimes hot and sometimes cold, Google promotion station included every time in the Google PR update will change, PR update before Google need to determine the quality of the whole station, so the amount included website promotion, pages are put out, a rule may also be users browsing Google decision PR this is my guess. As long as the PR update, Google on Google is also included, the website will be included, love Shanghai, a large collection of these sites Google becomes a chain of love in Shanghai when a large number of sources, Google included in the site, the chain site is suddenly love Shanghai to determine growth outside the chain, suddenly a huge increase for the love of Shanghai, with almost cheating the concept in the PR value of the update, the amount included in Google almost reached the peak, is also the site in Shanghai love chain reaches the highest value, love Shanghai nature will not release the chain, judging the website as cheating, included natural will decrease, even worse right down K station.

analysis, the love of Shanghai included length reduced, actually belongs to passive results, love Shanghai by Google of Google, which in turn has not been love >

is Chinese love Shanghai based search engine, Google is a global search engine based on Chinese, as long as the website, can not be divorced from the two search engines, of course China and other search engines, soso, Sogou what, just love Shanghai Google is doing the greatest. The search engine must carry out data acquisition, the big two as long as the acquisition Chinese website, will produce the same data, like the two ring in the same ripples on the surface of the water, must be mixed together, and the content of that part of the intersection, is certainly not stable, water is the basis of great we, owners of the site and countless fights in Shanghai Longfeng frontline soldiers, if we unite, we can freeze into ice, the search engine is a waste, but this is the ideal state, ha ha, digression. Google PR this update, love Shanghai included greatly reduced, it is like a ripple effect.

The Google

June 27th Google has a large area of the update, many sites have increased by PR, a friend of the PR directly soared from 0 to 6, the Google as early as May Fangchuhualai, June PR will update the word, it seems. But I love the Wuhan Shanghai Promotion Station PR is still 4, no growth, but it is a sub domain name blog rose to 3, only waiting for the next update. In June 28th, the grassroots groups gradually swelled, included in the group say Shanghai is much reduced, more people collected from 2 million 800 thousand down to 2000 have been included, the reaction generally PR growth site included decreased love Shanghai, love Shanghai Google PR update growth, reduce included, this is a coincidence that it really? There is a huge conflict between love and Shanghai Google webmaster, lead to a cry for a laugh, I will share their views, we can analysis, at least that can be said.

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