Why do the chain construction of spider web

of course, this is not a lot of things related to the keywords, you may feel meaningless. That is how to explain the construction of a chain network, what is the significance. A chain network, can be your site as a "spider web", let the spider crawling in the process, as long as it is willing, you can easily climb over your entire site, and will not return to the previous level, and then returns to the upper layer of this situation. A network structure of the website what are the benefits? A, increase the residence time of the spider, a spider crawling, increase the depth and breadth, so as to improve your articles included. This one, as long as your article is relevant information, and have a certain quality, and with reasonable keyword anchor text, then this article is love Shanghai included, the keywords ranking is very helpful. Before the recognition algorithm of love Shanghai improvement of the anchor text of the chain (before and after the introduction of Shanghai love outside the chain of tools can be regarded as the date of the improved algorithm), but still is a novice, do not do the chain, forum account has few, most do anchor text signature, Send a few advertising soft Wen District however, most not included. At this time, but the three words (Ji’nan professional Shanghai dragon, Ji’nan marketing website, Ji’nan professional website building) to home, of course, is tenth around, because it is new sites, ranking is not very stable. But the results, but it must be said, is within the chain. Because the first, then how can contact the Shanghai dragon like twenty days, is October 26th (but a week before the start of the eleven contact Shanghai Longfeng, before the program ape, eleven is the holiday, to seven so far), that day, how to love and love Shanghai Shanghai statistics show the quantity index webmaster tools with nearly 30, and ranked in the 26, 27, 28 these days slowly from the sixty or seventy ten direct channeling to the first page page second. From the point of view of the evidence in the construction of the chain, is still very effective.

recently it is often said that the forum signature has no value in the forum, especially a push advertising area update, also don’t let the anchor text chain, is a variety tucao. Love is when the sea strike outside the chain of cheating, Shanghai dragon industry is precarious, insecure, recently spread love in Shanghai said the crackdown over optimization. A friend to the leadership, is the old Shanghai dragon Er, after seeing how to do the content of the website, said in the chain and how much, according to him, the two or three in the chain, which is called optimization too much, now have to rely on the chain. This article will do beg to differ, but in front of the also mentioned, about the problem of how to build the internal chain, again here with a little, the inner chain, is still the user experience as the center, as long as you think of this place will have a user needs, such as a product, such as a a professional term, such as a business person, can add the inner chain.

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