How to survive in the local maternal and child supplies shop in Shanghai love


clear its position

3. web content

recently received a big project is a local maternal and child supplies shop, during operation, after several twists and turns, finally get a good situation. Find a lot of experience, may not be suitable for many people, at least to a mall, since that is more practical.


therefore, we recruited a large number of part-time staff in Witkey, collecting material for each of our products, finishing the picture. In 20 days (the long time) to make the 12000 product pages, pictures, can be regarded as the one and only product description page.

said the first, competition in this industry. In a relatively large local have the baby supplies shop. Their mother forum, maternal and child supplies mall also cable under the electronic magazine has done very mature. Secondly, the shop of maternal and child supplies are 4 more powerful competitors, the premier is the red child, followed by legou. The four shop as the electronics in the Jingdong, occupy a larger market share. Then, according to the local and national online shop, where we are? No matter on the website or in our brochure, we put forward some exclusive service. (1) we are able to provide local day delivery service, 3 pm the day before all telephone orders and network orders will be delivered by our own logistics company (2) local pickup and easy returns (3) our price compared to other shop selling goods in the retail price of the same, but buying in bulk under the condition of more concessions, after all, milk powder that many customers buy disposable boxes (4) in the old customer activity very much, but the real benefits.

has the same problem, a large number of goods are of the same page, such as milk, many businesses are copied from the official website of the content of high similarity, if we use the contents of this page, a new station in the short term is difficult to have as.

this is our advantage, special service is our local customers for the launch, mainly for general customer concerns, price and delivery to the service.

‘s tragedy is that when we search out the site keywords most keywords, "mother supplies" the core keywords are nationwide website, plus parts of the adjective "XX mother supplies" of this kind, but also the local forum and the rival Shopping Mall website. Also, because the commodity is a generic brand keyword can only use the name of goods to name this kind of key words and other sites is more similar to the. Our approach, product pages with critical language to do the long tail keywords, such as "Pigeon Pigeon mouthwash slobber mother, how" words such as commodity brand keywords, keywords similar. The home page, use a large number of local + keyword approach to implement.

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