On the Alexa website ranking of view

short, not superstition Alexa website ranking, website optimization ranking to improve more is to rely on their own content construction, and the quality of the external links long wide.

but the change is not very can restore Alexa lost authority, Alexa can only see one side of the reference data for website owners, really want to know the traffic data of a web site can be installed to the site statistics code, can refer to the station the other article: how do you know who visited my website look, the best way to a website weight is soso number, it included in the search engine update speed, and ranking some important keywords can generally know its position.

with the volume of the Internet browser plug-in installation tools have not be approved, Alexa toolbar installation rate is less and less, the authority of Alexa is being questioned, Alexa was forced to make a change, now Alexa to not use the tools of the technology to ranking, but from many aspects. This brush Alexa rankings are meaningless, but also for the market launch of the Alexa China Chinese version of the website.


was the first to say a Alexa, Alexa is a global web site traffic and gives the global rankings data website, its working principle is that when the Internet users through the installation tool of the Alexa browser to access a web site, the Alexa toolbar will have access to information online records down, Alexa website collection the information can be counted on a website visitor visits and other information sources, and regularly update website ranking.

in the past, Alexa was ranked as the evaluation of a website is very important tool, many small sites on it like a flock of ducks but not, each visitor’s computer has installed the Alexa toolbar, and Alexa is a English domestic installation site, less and less, installation of related personnel is also engaged in the internet. How to improve your site’s ranking is Alexa, according to IP statistics, an IP address is only a visit, but how to do their own only a IP, so there is a lot of mutual sense of alliance, the webmaster registered after installation tools, each brush, brush each one hundred online, each site you can get traffic from Alexa one hundred IP a day, so Alexa website ranking was improved rapidly. Some small sites through a variety of ways can put your site rankings to ten thousand or even one hundred less than the world.

things, Alexa website ranking improves too many changes for the site of the real traffic and not, at most is also can be friends or customers face show off their website to enter the world top 500 and so on. The search engine does not recognize the Alexa data, like the aristocracy is mainly to give baby website ranking by PageRank.

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