Keywords optimal allocation of weapon



your site is to provide services for local users or a national site, if it is local, every place will give you to grab the 10 position, competition is relatively much smaller, this keyword can be specified in two ways: 1, a key word + keywords + + names keywords; 2, place names + keywords + name keywords keywords names. Two methods have their advantages, the first can take several keywords to avoid repetition of key words, but it also seems simple, but there are also disadvantages, optimization is slow, because the keyword will be split. Second looks more complicated, but more easily in the short-term can be effective. If it is a national that without such problems.

is the first starting point is very important, you see how far you decided what to do, if you are a business stand or a personal site and no major development intention, so you can locate keywords company names are not, as long as the flow can be.


test is not reliable to judge whether a word should be judged from three aspects: 1, the intention of the user; 2, search volume; 3, competitiveness. The three point is equally important, regardless of the order, the intention of the user is the user search this word in order to get what he found, such as L-carnitine, L-carnitine may see ads want to know about L-carnitine; search volume can refer to love Shanghai index, but personally feel that love is not too reliable index of Shanghai, a lot of brush index people now, this judgment will rely on their own experience, with a little skill, can refer to the SOSO index, soso user groups, apparently no one brush, if love is not great Shanghai index, soso index, then there may be a problem. Competitiveness, competitive judge not see light with a word out to judge how much of the results, the easiest way is to look at the first three page ranking, if part of love Shanghai news portal product + news + website + big station directory so you can say this word, the competitiveness is not small, if out the results of many forum posts, small pages, so we can determine the competitiveness of the word is not great.

, a clear positioning.

Shanghai dragon first formulated keywords is a very important step, this step is not good to do other things to do more is basically useless, following analysis of how to customize keywords.

keyword, to achieve a multiplier effect, here only discuss popular words, then take L-carnitine as an example, if you set the keywords for blind L-carnitine, then you are equal to death, you may have three months to see a IP needle, thinks like the words I can the location of key words into several stages, and you.

three, how to judge a word is not reliable.

two, regional or national.

How to configure the Four, how to customize

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