Lu Guofu as Shanghai dragon Er still insist on it

recently I this blog "Wuhan Shanghai dragon" the keyword in the second page to maintain for a long time, the blog to date online time is four months, in four months time, he experienced a lot of things, since the establishment of this blog, know a lot of the industry in Shanghai dragon friend, also got a lot of friends to help find their level of optimization compared to the original or so little progress.

will share love!

recently something in the busy, so have a good long. No original update, I found that writing is like this, when writing every day feeling every day can write, but once stopped a few days not to write, what also can not write, so these days had want to write some articles, but in front of the computer mind is blank, so these days are directly reproduced in the Internet some friends in Shanghai Longfeng classic article, now every day there are still a lot of old friends come to my blog here, Lu Guofu thank you support.

blog is the best ranking in the top three, but the time is not long enough to prove that he has done is very inadequate, then launch their blog is very hard, basically every day to write an article, then go to A5, chianz submission, many articles are written in his heart so, when the pass rate is very high, so the soft submission through to my website or bring a lot of love Shanghai related domain, my blog now love Shanghai related domain has reached 12000, the number for my personal is satisfactory. Then write a six to create a high quality soft tips, we can see that the experience of writing the soft exchange under the.

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recently I of Shanghai Longfeng work was a little loose, resulting in my blog snapshot also stay in 7, opening the love Shanghai snapshot view or 6 days of data, so the spider love Shanghai, a few days to it, really give you look at it, I still want to continue to do Shanghai dragon work, otherwise one day spider temper to me directly to a drop right, I was too late for regrets. As Shanghai dragon Er, still insist on it? We should know our Shanghai Longfeng work is a long and tedious work, so we have to find happiness in the process, for example included increased, the rankings, write soft through, change to high quality of the Links, love Shanghai increase the domain…… Finally, I hope that still stand in Shanghai dragon line of friends, continue to stick to it, only to succeed.

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