Love Shanghai ecological project to solve the original ranking problem

Within the pages of

"website weight is really love Shanghai" this article yesterday ranked in the first, this shock to the second page. Whether the ecological project on Shanghai love to work, A Cheng is just speculation, original article, there may be some improvement, if you have time, look at your own website (if there is a contribution in high weight site the most convincing), because if you wrote the article, a high weight the site collection is gone, and did not give you the link, so I feel this problem is not solved ranking (the spider will not be judged according to the time, I said is to determine who is most likely to be original, and then give a good ranking according to the links point) no matter what, I believe that is a good thing to conscientiously do stand friends.

The original



site is to inquire into the 4 article, except home outside the remaining 3 articles were submitted in A5, was not included in my Bo Wen case submitted to A5, and then cited by many webmaster. It is also for this reason that lead to pages within the website has not been included (love Shanghai generally collected first who is original). I guess this is the main reason that the interaction of Shanghai dragon love Shanghai is a collection station, so the site entered a long period.

2013.2.21 A Cheng of Shanghai Phoenix blog put out, after nearly two months of assessment period, finally able to site. It is the second day of love Shanghai update Scindapsus aureus algorithm, many websites appear keywords ranking disappeared, right down, there are a lot of website ranking rise, but I feel the inside pages of the site should be released and the algorithm to adjust the Never mind. Because of the interaction of Shanghai dragon blog as a personal blog, and no link, one-way links is also very little, just a coincidence time.

was first published in Shanghai Longfeng interactive blog, the original link: 贵族宝贝hudong贵族宝贝/ /299.html Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon, recommended attention "love Shanghai salon on the ecological project Q >

in Shanghai love to search 3 title of the article, shocking thing happened, my ranking is the first. (the A5 reprint your article, then there will be a problem of dividing, ranking is not possible in the first, Liu Huanbin, Lu Songsong’s blog by A5 if reproduced, ranking cannot exceed the high weight of A5). Love Shanghai love Shanghai has ranked LEE once declared a ecological project can solve the original article, which I guess is probably the reason of ecological projects. Because of A5, including some of the weight of high standing in the webmaster reprint articles are left when the original link, love Shanghai may according to the judge who is the original article.


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