Shanghai dragon is no longer limited to the search engine

here I will list some more extensive use of Shanghai dragon direction for reference:

1, 3,

5, the public platform letter.

two, WeChat

from the start line, crazy is a generation of young people who have sought, only estimates are not considered to WeChat Shanghai dragon. In fact, as long as it is a search function, there are some Shanghai Longfeng, WeChat is also not an exception, and how to make their own public number in front of the others? This is WeChat Shanghai dragon need to study something, I summarized some WeChat public row in front of the other skills, you may wish to try to see there is no effect:

certification. WeChat search ranking in the public has first consideration is your public number or certification, as long as your public micro signal after authentication, then it must row in the absence of a certified public micro signal in the front, so you want to have a good ranking first to certified public micro signal.


2, FANS. Commonly known as the fans, this is also a major factor in the study of WeChat search index ranking, usually more fans ranked are relatively more, but not absolute, only one of the reference conditions.

, 4 brand keywords. I think this is not too good to say, there are different approaches but equally satisfactory results wonderful and website brand keywords, as can be imagined precise nature can let your ranking priority to others.


micro-blog casual just when the market has attracted many people crazy hold to, just today micro-blog style has faded, but anyway, to talk about micro-blog Shanghai dragon. Micro-blog search users are mainly concentrated in mobileholic this kind of crowd, while sitting in the bus, while playing for micro-blog, micro-blog search algorithm is very simple, so here I will not focus on, not to waste your time.


, a micro-blog

talked about a Shanghai Longfeng optimization, the most familiar love must explain the most orthodox Shanghai encyclopedia, which is translated into Chinese is search engine optimization. Here refers to the search engine in the understanding at that time basically refers to is similar to Google, Shanghai, YAHOO (there are a lot of love, will not list them out and so on) this kind of large-scale search engine. But until now, the coverage of search engine is more and more extensive, small to a common DZ forum, to the website such as Taobao and so on, all have their own search, which also makes Shanghai dragon is no longer limited to the search engine.

activity. WeChat and WeChat continue to love more the number of users of public communication, the higher the degree of active ranking would be better, so another reference condition when the activity is also ranked.

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