Discussion came to love Shanghai new algorithm

6, the relevant search results. In September 6th, in order to ensure the user experience, will get in by every opening of garbage page again rectification, the correlation between the pages of Shanghai joined the love algorithm, which can again see the search engine marketing trend now.

5, Scindapsus algorithm 2. July 1st – 5 day love Shanghai once again stressed the site quality problems, from simple shielding spam links extended to the whole website content. Not only is the low quality of the links will be punished, for the low quality of the soft as more in name than in reality to accept love again to punish Shanghai, soft as a means to push up the platform in the teeth of the storm.

2013 can be called love Shanghai "activity" most frequently a year.

does not explicitly tell the webmaster specificcontents, but you >

Although the author Dennis

3, pomegranate algorithm. In May 17th that the user experience for the love of Shanghai, update the page algorithm again, pomegranate algorithm coming into some low quality, spam page terminator.

throughout several love Shanghai algorithm, all revealed a message: the smaller the chain for the website and the website itself more and more force, high quality content information, the correlation is the decisive factor of achievement of the website rankings, and this factor achievement lies in the network environment of respect for the concept of user experience.

4, the original spark program. June 20th on behalf of the user experience of the original news algorithm officially started, if pomegranate can make site optimization personnel then the gap in the news, so the introduction of the spark plan is really showed the love of Shanghai – the user intention provided for the emperor.

1, love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm. February 19th love for the chain of Shanghai inferior combat, prohibited low quality links, shopping links, since the chain for the website promotion effect began to decline.

Er is Shanghai dragon for the website ranking and emotion, struggle, no time to the pole, the new algorithm has quietly come to love Shanghai. As the site optimization personnel, for we all love Shanghai any wind sways grass and the news. You have not found the new algorithm to come if now you really OUT. Today I want to share about Dennis website optimization is a new algorithm of Shanghai wise remark of an experienced person, love comes, are you ready?

recently, the author Dennis again found in the dragon appears to have a calm site in Shanghai, Shanghai, the new algorithm has latent love to. Many websites frequently appear overnight hundreds of hundreds of former once after the same phenomenon, many webmaster in speech whether the site is down right, but the phenomena indicate that many sites do not exist right down warning. The root of this situation where? I dare to guess the results is love and a new algorithm of Shanghai.

2, outside the chain of judgment. April 25th Shanghai love again the corresponding algorithm for garbage Scindapsus chain integration process, will be included in the scope of related website weight.

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