Chinese click Wangzhuan site of the judge

hair extension rich uncle Chinese click Wangzhuan have engaged in more than three years, basically witnessed the Chinese click Wangzhuan chaoqichaola. Rich uncle Mao have their own unique insights in the promotion process Chinese click new station, a new station has a general judgment basically, this is the new Chinese click have development in the future, there is no promotion value, more important is the station can receive money. A lot of friends said uncle Mao is a man of God, recommended by the station to push a quasi, in fact, this is a misunderstanding, do stand more than you will have a basic judgment. What station can do, what not to do? What is today Chinese click Wangzhuan station site to do a simple explanation, hope you see this article after improved

1 website profit model single Chinese Click station.

                master the Wangzhuan aims to promote another Wangzhuan project, because profitable, stationmaster certainly willing to open a new station, but this kind of Chinese click Wangzhuan have a certain risk. For example, such as Shun Wangzhuan, master station is to promote the Russian station (a foreign click click station) he needs more members to do his line. Profitable should be a win-win situation. But his station profit model is based on the Russian Wangzhuan can make money, once Russia Wangzhuan problems, there is no source of income of the owners, owners do not have the income he could not have long paid member of money. Later proved this station near the end of the speed is fast. So the profit model single Wangzhuan station promotion of little value.

2 with a mandatory click on the station.

              Chinese click Wangzhuan itself is a cheat system. Therefore, some stand on the Internet are expressly provided that every day must click on the site of the GG advertising and so on, check IP, but also screenshots, otherwise not pre paid. The mandatory Chinese click Wangzhuan station is generally a problem. It’s not worth promoting. Recently Chinese click Wangzhuan industry out of the one cow webmaster, breath and opened the six Chinese click on the station, called what Beijing * click Wangzhuan alliance, score 2 points, 1.5 points referral, really attractive. Payment requirements (website words): every member must click on the site to GG advertising, daily check IP, please click GG will pay IP screenshot sent to **** mailbox, or as we punished, delete the number did not discuss. A person can not do 365 days have Internet access, the two is the GG ad clicks more, GG advertising may be removed, so the station Click score high, referral more wonderful, do not need, this station basically not what the future of the development, from the most ad clicks in this alliance Wangzhuan is reduced to a temporary abolition of compulsory click can >

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