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refrigerator door Wallwisher: why stick to the computer and paper pen

Wallwisher is a beautiful and practical application of online collaborative notepapers, literally understood as "wishing wall". The founders believe that a major reason for people to keep the computer and paper and pencil is not easy, so this application lets users on the whiteboard on the production, collaboration and sharing of content, a bit like a refrigerator door home, free and convenient, at the same time to two people did not meet the communication.

Wallwisher team at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco to show their web version application. In order to allow users to easily use this service, Wallwisher creative simple and clear. For example, you can create scrapbook, bulletin boards, lists, polls, etc., and then use them to stimulate collective discussion or management of an event.

so far, Wallwisher users grow very fast, and very high activity. Among the 400 thousand Wallwisher users, over the past 30 days, the service has been used in the past, making a total of 262 thousand posts.

Wallwisher founder · Niteshen; Gore (Nitesh Goel) said: "if people can put content like paper and pen as easy on the web, they can do so many fantastic things. Our creativity comes from the question of why people put their hands on a piece of paper when they are sitting next to a computer. "

flexibility is an important advantage of Wallwisher relative to Trello, Google Docs and other competitors. Gore’s team did not take it seriously at the beginning of the Wallwisher, but now they are beginning to focus on the project.

Two features of

Wallwisher greatly improve the user experience: real-time collaboration and file upload. Users simply click on the button, you can create a new wall, and then share with friends, family and colleagues.

Wallwisher has received $40 thousand and $16 thousand from Startup Chile and Thymos Capital LLP.

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