Marketing and statistical analysis of B2C e commerce website


online shopping is already very popular, but I have no online shopping habits, but since male friends are married, you have been single, after people can not find a way to buy things, really do not want to go shopping, online shopping started his own life. And their own experience with their own thinking, writing this article.

1, access to and click on the ad

has now not how to go to Taobao (all ex girlfriend sent a link to my payment, he did not buy too), as men do not seem to love me a superb collection of beautiful things shopping street, go shopping with love is a reason, so I usually go to the sales of the B2C website. And I generally through the portal sites such as NetEase, YAHOO (because often login mailbox), to understand these sites, but also relatively trust these sites. They are mainly in the portal home page, e-mail, article content page. My collection of categories: buy shoes to buy good music to buy special clothes; every guest, FIM, Popeye; a special Yisheng Kang selling health products; specializing in selling underwear, dream bazaar.

2, what kind of ads attract me


attracted me to click on is because of price information on advertising, but often the advertised product is just what I need at that time, such as the first time I point where the advertisement is because dozens of pieces of T-shirts, not to mention the FIM1 1 yuan POLOT – shirt advertising. After all, their income is not very high, but also in the choice of promotions or discounts are relatively high. The advertisement information also quite attractive, such as "God doesn’t give you back to you, dream bazaar" advertising, also attracted me, then to his girlfriend at a specific time to buy a set, oh.

3, each site uses those promotional strategies

I’m in good music to buy, where the customer, FIM, bought the products and dream bazaar on popeye. My mailbox can often receive the mail sent by these sites, mainly on the recent seasonal new products, new products and special events, etc.. The best buy has not sent me an email, just received today they give me a call, to send me a discount card, this card can have a discount in the future. However, the school sent me a text message when I placed my order. In addition, I sent a text message to me after the treatment. They didn’t send me a product catalog, this may be an e-mail instead of propaganda mode gradually catalog mode, often used in the maternal and child class website, I think the reason is very simple, not how to use the Internet for pregnant women.

4, lack of publicity strategy

but I think their marketing strategy is not good enough, or not enough, not enough. First, in the station, if we can get registered users often browse information statistics, we will be able to understand the user’s consumption and purchase needs, and then targeted to display the information after its landing.

secondly, after the user has visited a few products, some sites are recorded, but in the end did not remind customers

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