Bao Baoshu acquisition of Europe and the United States and the 6 team was scouring the sea center

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] August 3rd news billion state power network, according to billion state power network to understand, recently, the baby tree "and the acquisition of Ningbo cross-border electricity supplier Amoy team.

in addition, the baby tree also won nearly 6 square meters of Ningbo, Europe and the United States scouring the bonded warehouse as well as overseas direct procurement center.

it is worth noting that the baby tree stressed that the acquisition of the European and American Amoy team, rather than the company, but did not disclose the difference and the specific amount of money spent. After Europe and the United States will be the founder of Amoy Feng De and baby tree will continue to develop cross-border electricity supplier business.

baby tree official said that Europe is at the front of Amoy sea Amoy business, such as selection and procurement. "We have already acquired this part of the business, we will strictly control the goods. Prior to the United States to invest in us, it was misunderstood that the United States will be fully for us, this is a misunderstanding, the United States and the United States to help me to carry out a complete back-end."

in cooperation with the United States together, users are most concerned about the baby tree electricity supplier will bring them what kind of excellent products, but we also know that the mother is most concerned about the safety of the product. Then there is the United States and Europe to wash the whole team to join, we will have a very professional domestic sea Amoy team, covering a wide range of global self procurement center." Baby tree CEO Wang explained.

It is reported that

, the baby tree was founded in March 2007, its founder Wang Huainan served as director of Google Asia Pacific markets and a film network general manager, another founder Shao Yibo has founded (sold to eBay), in fact the baby tree have electricity supplier gene. However, from the baby tree line until mid 2014, has been focused on parenting online community, did not do electricity supplier.

in May this year, the baby tree officially launched its own B2C mall "beauty store mother" in maternal electricity providers as the sea Amoy, concentrated in the category of imported milk powder, diapers and other standard products. Show from the official page of the content, SKU is not much, but a toy, etc. Home Furnishing began to expand the category baby tree.


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