qiyi mall online try to enter the business of video is realized


technology news April 23rd morning news, Iqiyi announced that its electricity supplier Iqiyi video on-line store, users can buy related products in the video when watching video programs.

it is understood that Iqiyi will try to launch a video business in 2014, in a number of programs such as "love", "wonderful" supermodel have video shopping.

for consumers, consumers watch video programs, if a fancy dress collocation can role, through the character in the film a series of performances, to understand the clothes. And if there is a need to buy, you can click on the mouse in the process of watching the video to order.

CEO, the founder of Iqiyi, Gong Yu said: "the video site has a new stage of evolution from connecting people to people with service and information evolution." Video sites can be connected in the future a lot of services, the electricity supplier is one of them. Iqiyi to do is to get through these industrial and commercial."

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