Express the implementation of the new national standard two weeks part of the courier is not allowed

newspaper news (reporter Suo Dongdong) national standard "express service" since May 1st the implementation of two weeks, there are still many consumers complained that even express a single labeled "right out of the box inspection, courier companies are still forcing consumers to sign a posteriori, some even do not know the courier express Xiao NEW gb. Insiders believe that thousands of domestic courier companies are still in the stage of price war, and the new national standard is also a lack of strict supervision and punishment mechanism, a number of small and medium courier companies in the implementation of certain vulnerabilities.


look at the face of

express delivery

yesterday, a Beijing consumer broke the news to reporters, five received by EMS last week to cash on delivery express, although the express list marked "right out of the box inspection", but give a person was not clear for unpacking. The final consumer can only sign it. Hainan, a consumer online shopping notebook is also the first to be able to sign the inspection, courier and even do not know the new national express courier.

attention to the issue of express delivery for consumers, EMS marketing department, said the person is not all express need to discuss a priori or after the signing of the first checkin. According to the new national standard, if the appearance of the apparent breakdown of the packaging and other abnormal circumstances, the recipient can first check and then sign, express packaging intact recipient signature confirmation. For online shopping, payment collection and other express is the express service organization and the sender (business) agreement after a sign or sign post service.

in fact, due to a priori signed a certain extent, affected the courier company delivery efficiency, part of the task depends on the amount of couriers in the implementation of complaints. In this regard, Guangdong province postal official told reporters that the courier companies should protect consumer safety of the shipment, first pay attention to express protection in the collection, encapsulation and transport process, to prevent the outer packing shipment is broken, also stressed that the future will focus on examination of the courier company sorting process distribution.

however, according to the reporter, because the (micro-blog) some small sellers on the courier company’s bargaining power is not high, cooperation signing also focused on "demand", for delivery, inspection and other services is the express company face.


express still only fight price war

yesterday, reporters also saw on the Taobao forum, sellers on the one hand to teach each other, down the price of cooperation with the courier company’s experience, on the other hand, the company also complained about the delivery speed. Insiders believe that thousands of domestic courier companies are still playing a price war, some courier companies in the implementation of the inevitable loopholes.

Guangdong Province Postal Administration said that at present in Guangdong province by the courier business license of the enterprise has reached more than 1 thousand and 800, in addition to a small number of leading enterprises, the majority of private express enterprises are facing small scale, weak strength, service level is not.

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