Wheat bags official website six Ecstasy is vertical

[Abstract] in the pattern of electricity providers are increasingly large platform control today, vertical electric business website is just decoration? Billion state power network linked to the largest channel brand bags of wheat bags official website for grouper, she said the wheat bags official website operations have been referred to the company’s strategic level, in 2014 the development of health and are experiencing six change.


, the official website of the establishment of a separate division

grouper revealed that wheat bags for the adjustment of the organizational structure at the end of 2013, breaking the original department system, the company is divided into product business department and business department official website, the official website of the business department also includes wireless business, operation and sales department is responsible for the business group brand sale. Such an organizational structure, it means that the official website is not simply a sales channel, and will play a greater role."

a number of brands told billion state power network, whether it is a Jingdong, Tmall or vip.com, as long as the sales have to go on the platform are a strong attitude for brands, which brands can not adhere to the own pace of development, and must follow the platform to adjust their pace. In this regard, grouper said, compared with other platforms, more autonomous control of wheat bags on the official website, and hope for the future wireless combination can have more play out.

learned billion state power network, products and sales of wheat bags official website synchronization in wireless terminal. The double 11 activities, the official website of the wheat bag and wireless terminals are more than Tmall and other external platforms ahead of the start of the sale, in the same circumstances, a variety of resources will be more inclined to wheat bag wireless terminal.

two, from the sale of its own brand to open platform

since the beginning of November 2013, wheat bags gradually from selling its own brand to sell other brands. "We are trying to create a bag fashion Shopping Mall, in the process of transformation, brand investment and website construction work is essential, and its synergy is the top priority." Grouper said, as of now, wheat bags official website for a total of more than 3 thousand SKU, has 80 bags brands.


said the grouper, wheat bags of brand investment business is in accordance with the annual plan step by step, first consider the pre investment department store brand in a second tier city, and gradually accumulated can be seen in the new world department store Parkson, etc. the overseas well-known brand, the back will also consider some scarce brand.

billion state power network from wheat bags official website observed, China Merchants brand quality has covered the high-end foreign brands to domestic brand category including parity, male bag, handbags, bags, trolley bags and other family types, layout and framework of the platform has been formed.

and Jingdong and Tmall’s open platform is different, the opening of the wheat bag is not to let other brands up shop, but since the

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