Talk about the joy and sorrow of rural Taobao partners

today to talk about rural farmers uncle Taobao partner, Taobao partner is the so-called Rural Village Service Center executive. Some people may still do not understand, the service center is what? Well, farmers uncle from the beginning.

Ali launched the Amoy village plan in 2015, and vigorously promote the "million village plan" 1000 County, and plans in 3 to 5 years to invest 10 billion yuan, set up 1000 county service centers and 100 thousand village service station, to benefit the country 70% of the rural population. Here is the village level service station mentioned above. Now do you understand? Farmers continue to say uncle.

what are the functions of the rural Taobao partners in general, divided into two points:

, for the villagers to buy things online, is to do the purchasing, where to buy? Of course is or Tmall, who let this plan is Ali launched? Of course people to make their own benefit, not cheap others (such as Jingdong). Something is up, the villagers feel satisfied with the re payment, before Alipay paid by the partners. If the villagers feel bad, you can directly return 10 fen.

two, a partner to collect agricultural products in the village, to achieve online sales. In short, these two points, which also reflects the purpose of rural electricity providers: industrial products down, agricultural products up.

looks very simple work partner, how can the actual operation? Farmers uncle to take everyone to learn about.

first look at the circumstance of Cili County, Cili county has been involved in the Alibaba and Alibaba, "1000 village Wanxian" plan. Wang is one of the rural Taobao partner, let us listen to Wang said.

According to Wang

said, he was returning from Beijing, with great enthusiasm to the rural entrepreneurship among Taobao, Taobao has become a partner for 4 months, but this effect is not a few months, he would like.

1, the local villagers in the online shopping is not too strong awareness, some people worry about buying fake, part of the fear of buying things and think of their own is not the same thing. Although Wang has promised cash on delivery, but the villagers or too cumbersome, they have been accustomed to shopping in the canteen.

2, from the villagers to collect agricultural products can not be sold, no flow no orders, it will greatly reduce the expectations of farmers in rural Taobao.

3, Taobao partner is currently no salary, source of income is to help the villagers purchasing, the villagers to send express, service fees earned in the online sales of agricultural products of the villagers. It is said that in May 2015, the national rural Taobao partner has 20 monthly income of more than 5000 yuan, the highest monthly income of $16 thousand. And Wang’s income was only more than 1 thousand, less than half of Wang’s salary in Beijing, which makes it difficult for Wang to stick to it.

Wang is the case

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