Analysis on the community member mode of e commerce website

now many Internet companies are love to your site into a community, so as to help these loyal users, but once the user loyalty, it is very easy to be able to translate into your flow, and the flow will become your long-term customers, we can see the importance of community for a website in particular, the electronic commerce sites is even more so, so e-commerce is how to build a community member model?

In fact, between

e-commerce website and users is a kind of cooperative relationship, if the members of the community can help web site for business, then these community members will benefit from this, will increase the electronic commerce website cohesion, so if you want to manage the community that is to improve the core cohesion of their own website! In order to build their own community members! So how to improve the core cohesion of their own website? The best way is to organize community activities! We can talk about the organization of community benefits from three aspects:


1: the cost of operation is very low

through the organization of community activities to promote the core cohesion website of the cost is very low, generally as long as the organizers pay little activity funds, or gifts to provide relevant enterprises can solve this activity should cost for users to participate in activities to more exchanges, but also help pay the loss, so the whole activities can play multiple roles of


two: effectively enhance the website brand and traffic

for the community, if the site to get a certain degree of visibility and brand strength, so many people will first come to your website and soon you register to become a member, and through the activities of members can pull people around effectively, especially the activities of the people will always want to see to get a good result, these close friends will participate in the website, give him cheer, to form a group of friends, these friends and relatives and they can bring a lot of people, so that the site publicity activities to every corner, will naturally get a good reputation, the flow will naturally go up


three: to help the site get more profits

Another advantage of

activities, everyone is coming to your site, you become a loyal member of some products and these members will come to your website to buy your promotion, because for e-commerce, online shopping and community products is the most primitive, loyal users through the activities of pull over at this time, became you on the site to buy the main force of nature can help your website to get more profit

!Of course,

organized a successful activities also need to test an electronic commerce enterprise organization, not just any small web site will be able to organize a successful event, and if the activities of the organization is not successful and often counterproductive, so in the organized activities before good plan to OK! Qiebukelu mang for source: http://s.www.b>!

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