Jingdong paradox Taobao fake run Jingdong

following the previous Jingdong account details leaked, buyers being cheated, Jingdong once again into the vortex – this time, not the user information disclosure, is a fake problem: "Huaxidoushibao" reported that 30 fake Taobao store destroyed, 12 moved to the Jingdong, the 12 shop the sale of goods, and Alibaba was punished fake goods are highly similar, even the same paragraph.

of course, the user privacy leaks, fake more and more, including the delivery and customer arrogance, these problems are actually representation. There are many reasons behind the problem. We have proposed a concept in early 2013, called "Jingdong paradox": with the expansion of the scale of the Jingdong, especially the development of the third party open platform, Jingdong will face more and more fake, delivery delay and so on.

electricity supplier veteran observer Huang Ruo, he and he said, "crab similar problems, smuggled goods and logistics, fake Taobao once encountered, Jingdong after opening, would have to be met, even more severe".

this is the Jingdong paradox". On this point, the founder of Jingdong, Liu Qiangdong is also well aware of, as early as March 2013, Jingdong’s internal training, Liu Qiangdong also admitted that Jingdong service reputation is not as good as before".

why, as early as March 2013, Liu Qiangdong also realized that the Jingdong to do good reputation than before, to 2014, in 2015, will be more explosive such as fake, customer privacy and so on


answer is only one: the weight of profit, in order to cater to the Wall Street, while ignoring the user, blindly expanding, leading to management can not keep up.

Jingdong paradox focuses on two levels: fakes, logistics. We have said that the fake is a social problem, the third party platform to eradicate fake, difficult to cure, not overnight. Remember the 2014 jumei.com deep mud, it is difficult to extricate themselves? Jumei.com face is fake, no solution, eventually founder Chen ou have announced the closure of third party platform, to direct.

and jumei.com in order to cure fakes, close third party shops on the contrary, the development of Jingdong in the center of gravity is the third party Jingdong, Jingdong POP and pat. According to statistics, in 2014, the Jingdong third party transactions accounted for 39%, the fourth quarter is as high as 44% and third party Jingdong; direct transactions, respectively 159 billion 300 million yuan and 100 billion 900 million yuan, respectively, up 70% and 217%.

Jingdong model, in fact, also settled in the same way as Amazon Tmall: proprietary B2C does not make money or low profits, relying on the third party platform to earn advertising costs and commissions.

2014 Jingdong revenues of 115 billion yuan, an increase of 66%, while Jingdong net loss of $4 billion 996 million, compared to a net loss of $49 million 899 thousand in 2013 compared to a loss of up to 98 times. Under the expectations of Wall Street, Beijing

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