Liberation Daily why worry about business registration

a few days ago, a news that many shop owners expressed concern: the State Administration for Industry and commerce to the "network behavior of commodity trading and related services interim measures" in March 15th of this year before the promulgation and implementation of the draft regulations, "the natural person engaged in commodity trading and related services through the network, should be to the operator provide the online trading platform service for real name registration; with registration requirements, it shall apply for business registration". But then there is news that the State Administration for Industry and Commerce said the news is not the implementation of business registration and misinformation, before March 15th. So, many shop owners loose breath.

I think that the shop owner on the news a tight loose feeling of concern, because the owners worry, just exposed the registration in the shop business operation, there are still many problems need to solve the owner.

on the one hand is the existing industrial and commercial registration method is applicable to network sellers. Network management is different from entity management, can not copy the entity registration method. For example, in the real business registration, the operation of different types of goods or services to meet the needs of different places of business requirements, but a fixed place of business is essential. So, for those who hold the notebook computer can store for universal shop owners, how to meet the hard conditions of fixed premises? While the existing shop relates to the industrial and commercial registration regulations, cognizance did not mention the shop premises, this will lead directly to the shop owner in the application for registration of resistance. There is a network seller had complained to the author, because it is difficult to meet the requirements of the business premises, she spent 3 months did not apply for a business license, and finally had to give up registration. In the online shop, many operators map is simple and convenient, if you do not meet the characteristics of the rules of shop business registration and approval process, not only will give the actual obstacles, and will directly affect the enthusiasm of operators registration.

on the other hand is the cost problem. In the shop, in addition to those on the scale of professional operating sites, a considerable portion of retail. They set up shop on the Internet, the purpose is to earn some pocket money, or subsidies for home use, or as the first choice of entrepreneurship, online shop with its low operating costs to get the favor of these small operators. But after business registration, the owner may face all kinds of administrative fees: registration fees, then may also pay management fees, and then pay taxes…… These are small shopkeepers do not want to see, or be confused: tax is the operator must assume responsibility, but in the online selling their used second-hand junk or idle items, all dutiable? So, remove the shopkeeper in the hot shop business registration crowd, and phase when a part of the buyer. They worry about the cost of the store after the registration of more, the owner will be directly transferred to the cost of goods, and ultimately affect the degree of cheap online shopping. Visible, if there is no refinement of those involved in the provisions of the cost of the implementation of the online shop business registration, will bring a lot of sequelae.

actually, this is not the first time online business registration cited

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