The village of Amoy village Alibaba to do the rural life service center

rural market is showing a diversified competition. In addition to "buy on behalf of selling", Alibaba also came up with some new gameplay.

11 year old Gao Junga and Tang Yucheng are cousins, studying in Zhanyi County of Yunnan city of Qujing duck group village the fifth grade primary school. Their summer a new task – in school and Taobao jointly organized education "summer camp", the first class is the process of online watch the Beijing Museum of natural history in the teacher explained the dinosaur fossils have been found.


duck village students in class

this is in addition to their shopping abroad second times to contact Taobao rural village, duck group Amoy distance high Junga home 10 minutes walk. In Kunming, the University’s sister will be sent back to the village every year, the elderly need to buy daily necessities, clothing, shoes, etc., will also help the village through the Amoy partner purchasing.

makes them excited is the French basketball coach Stevens Servina and their interactive basketball class. Stevens served as Nike basketball training camp coach, in the countryside to teach children how to warm-up, dribbling, running.


French basketball coach Stevens Servina and left behind children in the village interaction

this is a new way for Alibaba to come up with the rural market: rural Taobao want to become a local life service center.

August 8th, the village is responsible for the person in charge of the proposed Sun Tao Village Amoy 3 concept. Sun Lijun in an interview with reporters that the interface of news, the village Amoy 1 times, mainly the construction of rural infrastructure, Internet logistics laying, strengthen market education, which belongs to the stage of trial and error is simple and brutal.

to April 2015, the village Amoy into 2 mode, began to encourage college students to return home to start (, to establish a village Amoy partner mechanism. Local government, the construction of rural Internet infrastructure, and village Amoy partner three complement each other, the rapid expansion of the rural market.

in the 3 stage, the village of Amoy has had the ambition to become the local life service center, and only local villagers mingle, can do a good job in rural market. The latest data are: in two years time, the village opened in the village of Taobao has covered 29 counties in the province of 300, a total of 16000.

these villages Amoy point is the forefront of the implementation of the western rural strategy unit. Village Amoy 3 put forward the three centers, namely ecological service center, business incubator center and cultural center, which must be borne by the village Amoy point.

in addition to shopping and sellers, Amoy village will access Ali from business, financial and health to all the resources of entertainment, real.

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