Gome online 1 million 700 thousand BMW wrong price lawyer significant misunderstanding

CNR network finance Beijing December 24th news, according to voice of the economy, the world company reported that consumers from Zhejiang MA (a pseudonym), recently encountered a matter of heaven pie. December 13th early in the morning, he found the United States online sales of BMW 550-IX-DIRVE car, the original price of 1 million 700 thousand yuan, even the price of $170 thousand, he thought the other party is doing promotions, so immediately ordered, bought a car.

Mr. Ma:

(BMW car a) to feel a bit like a mistake, hope he is also a promotion, two days ago I see a penny to buy dozens of pieces of money, but also some.

and Ma, like the same time there are more than and 10 single consumer. They thought they picked up a big cheap, but soon, the United States canceled online transactions, and refund. This allows a single 18 consumers are not satisfied. What about the BMW car,


, Gome online vice president Huang Xiangping explained the whole story: the original business BMW staff hand flick, the original 1 million 700 thousand car, less marked by a 0. In order to safeguard the fair, Gome online to cancel the original order, and quickly BMW distributors, apologized to consumers apologize, as follows:

specific compensation method

Huang Xiangping: 1 the original order of the user does have the intention to buy the original price of 1 million 700 thousand BMW, you can hit the province, the province of about 200000.

2 BMW to buy other models, you can enjoy the corresponding preferential.

3 the user has no intention to buy, sorry, give a certain amount of gifts.

set for the compensation scheme, 18 consumer attitudes are also divided into two factions. One does not accept the United States and the United States and BMW to give compensation plan. They insisted that Tmall had clear rules for businesses marked the wrong price, if you refuse the shipment, we should compensate consumers 30% losses, according to 170 thousand of the purchase price to count is 51 thousand yuan; and a more tolerant, they believe that the United States, BMW has made a mistake, and the corresponding compensation, almost well, again it is no too much meaning.

Ma: as my words are very tolerant of it, do not want to cause much trouble to them, it all depends on their own.

in accordance with the relevant provisions of China’s contract law, in the conclusion of the contract, if a major misunderstanding, in the case of fair, you can change or cancel the contract. Lawyer Zhao Zhanling believes that 170 thousand yuan to buy high-end BMW, in a general sense, it is easy to distinguish between consumers which may be misleading, if the transaction occurs, there is obviously unfair. If the business is or will make profits seckill, expressed in a prominent position, if not, consumers should be aware of their own 170 thousand yuan to buy BMW, which is a problem.

Huang Xiangping: United States if they can provide evidence to prove that they are the wrong price, if you can prove that you can

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