Small and medium buy site difficult to spend their own pocket cited customers

Ms. Zhang

Shenhe District love love group purchase group purchase, search site navigation on different group purchase information everyday, but recently she was found recently on almost all sold out, group purchase from the U.S. group, Wo Wo Group and other large group purchase website, and less from Shenyang local small site.

is not buy navigation network coverage is not strong, Ms. Zhang began to find their own address to buy the local Shenyang site. First, she points to open the small jar net, on the page that site is gorgeous transformation, ready to build the first city Chinese online.

"before his family origus group purchase buffet, cheap and good." Ms. Zhang recalled past buy experience, can not help but feel sorry for the disappearance of this site. However, this is not the case. She also logged shenyang024 buy network, Shenyang tuan100 buy network, etc., do not show the page.

some of the rest of the small group buying site in Shenyang, although it does not show the page, but the content from the point of view, the update is not very timely. A group of southern the Yellow River street in Huanggu buy site, the second page content is still stuck in May 1st. Even if some of the updated site, the business is also a number of small businesses, not well-known.

Shen buy network a year yellow 54

from the Southern District of the Yellow River, Huanggu, where the Group buy site, the reporter saw a questionnaire. Shenyang area 131 buy site, and now visit the site has not been updated for a long time abnormal or up to 54, accounting for the total of 41.2%.

"is not only a small number, sales are also a lot less." Buy navigation website group 800 staff introduction. May in Shenyang opened the 2267 period, sales amounted to 690 thousand, monthly turnover of 23 million 928 thousand yuan, a decline of 24.7%.

group of 800 staff said, in fact, not only to buy the network in Shenyang, all over the country are the case. According to the group 800 in the middle of the month to buy the site of the survival of the sample survey shows that in the field of statistics on the purchase of independent domain names in the sample site, only 339 sites in active state, the survival rate was 43.5%. Just over 1 years, the total number of Chinese buy site has returned to the scale of the beginning of 2011. 14 days after the second round for the 339 group purchase website still active when the survey found that only 262 sites in the normal operating state (i.e., nearly a week in group purchase product updates), accounting for 77.3%, which disappeared 67 weeks.

small group of customers to buy a network of

daily attendance, the system automatically recharge 0.2 yuan." This is a reporter from a small group of local Shenyang to see the new site features. In addition, when consumers buy a project, the system also timely return of 0.3 yuan. In this regard, the staff said that the purpose is very simple, is to attract customers.


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