Who in the siege of Ali the Jingdong Who is the main flooding fake

, who in the siege of Ali Jingdong? Proliferation of fake, primary responsibility objects who should be

for a period of time, Ali and Ali’s symbol on behalf of ­ – Mr. Ma Yun has become the goal of glory and shame at the same time point.

we are concerned about the "encirclement and suppression of Ali" dynamic for a long time

from the troubled years of Ali "integrity" incident, to the national Industrial and Commercial Bureau Ali and confrontation, then some economists in China hit "Ali die, slogan and theory China not rich", and is currently a large number of criticism spread in WeChat "a British Jazz" to talk about business Chinese government allowed the development of the electricity supplier (mainly refers to the spearhead or Ali). The attack is connected and quite sharp, explosive wave.


looks from different aspects naturally or half unconsciously, at home and abroad, plausible attacks, at first glance is common appraise, but as to string together a closer look, is not simple, but also like an invisible net is slowly revealed garrotte Ali sinister.

one of the most serious attacks, of course, is the recent network of American Forbes hit. Forbes magazine put Ma on the cover and wrote the following paragraph:

Alibaba founder Ma Yun, people love hate, but a trend which cannot be halted market capitalization of $200 billion, the empire building in the fake mountains, who has no way."

so directly, so sob to attack one of the world’s great enterprises, ranking before I do not know whether this with very limited knowledge and scanty information, there is precedent in the history of the attack Forbes? Of course our business department checks are also fake electronic business platform is making a Forbes magazine. While the media A Henry Murdoch also called out propaganda, "Ma carefully".

a time, a little pressure chambers to destroy the potential.

: but the "British Jazz" name? The reason why the author hidden Sir zhenmingshixing? This batch of Ali is not against all kinds of people:

– there is no Ali, China will not fake it?

– out Ali, China really will take about


– to eradicate Ali electricity supplier platform, the Chinese people really re – shop really


this is a bit too dismissive of the Chinese people’s IQ now

but this is something that reminds me of the "Sanlu milk powder" case in China in 2008. The more the case back, leaving people to reflect on the more, the most should be reflected in the "Sanlu" after the death of all the people to make the expected results.

the fact that this case can be expected through the rectification agencies and people Chinese dairy production fell glasses, because the "rectification" has become a "shock", and almost toppled the China dairy production and market. The direct result is that people do not believe Chinese milk, and went straight to the international market, which.

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