Buy micro blog alliance B2C ushered in the three carriage Era

in May 8th, I had the honor to participate in the first micro-blog marketing conference held in Xiamen. Micro marketing, new ideas, deep feelings. After coming back, always want what to write, to share experiences with you, but due to work reasons not to do so, until a few days ago to Fujian making shoes do interview, when people mention micro-blog, only to take the opportunity to do a summary.

in fact, micro-blog came out early, but the fire up, or in 2011. Popular buy last year, this year popular micro-blog, e-commerce marketing model to update the pace too fast. Today is all tomorrow may have on the micro-blog group purchase, application. From this point of view, the development of the electricity supplier to ensure absolute thinking is divergent, learning, innovative. From time to time in the change, always in the update, an inattentive, you OUT.



iResearch data show that in 2010 China’s online community users, 71.7% of users are using micro-blog, only Sina micro-blog users up to 140 million. In the face of such a huge user groups, how to do micro-blog marketing, how to boost the sales of enterprise application micro-blog tools, so it is very urgent, but also a difficult problem for many B2C electricity providers who need to think of the


take a recent interview with the shoe network, for example, has now done Sina micro-blog label B2C ranked first in the micro-blog marketing this, they may be more right to speak. During the interview, found that making shoes is the implementation of the national system of micro-blog, from the president down to the staff, the necessary manpower micro-blog account, micro-blog in a stunning high.

company set up a micro-blog marketing team, micro-blog deep research of each application. While increasing the amount of micro-blog fans, pay more attention to the viscosity of fans. Launched the "pat shoes window" and "shoot wind tide", "making friends ask", "clap friend spray" and "as a figure to shoot, shoot, shoot many winning" mood "and other nine sections, covering almost the most popular micro-blog information. Loved by fans.

micro-blog, the passion to drive tens of thousands of interactive fans, through micro-blog to send coupons, guess the price Q & a donated shoes prize contest to increase traffic and attention of the website. According to the monitoring, the micro-blog CNC shoe shoes brought over the average daily IP reached 30 thousand, the actual conversion orders in more than 700 single, with the total increase in the total number of fans, the results will continue to be high.

of course, micro-blog is a long process of accumulation. Today’s achievements are the hard work of yesterday. In fact, micro-blog must know how to do to do marketing plan of other enterprises, is the same reason, better service to our users, more to meet the real needs of our users, is the heart and the heart of the exchange, is the opinions and ideas of the Department of finance. I think the only way to do this out of micro-blog, in order to truly be supported by hundreds of millions of fans, in order to enhance the viscosity of the platform concerned. It’s just a little longer.

talking about group buying

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