Small electricity supplier should be how to product selection and planning

We have to understand

many large commercial mode of operation, but so far, so today want to talk to people in the usual experience of others and to summarize the knowledge and share of small electricity supplier should how product selection and planning.

a high profit

small electricity supplier no large electricity supplier so rich, so we have to make high profits, because only a high profit we can pay the high cost (production costs, labor costs, housing costs, logistics costs, etc.) can make money, have money to do further promotion, advertising investment, thus forming a a virtuous cycle. How much is the high profits? Product profit reached 70% and above can be called Gao Lirun, many consumers may want to complain, but this is a fact.

two, high customer price

high customer price to make the profit is high, so that the return of funds quickly, no one is willing to sell 20 yuan per person every day things, the whole hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales. This product is different in each industry wouldn’t elaborate, but the high price is mainly produced by the related sales, bundling and other ways to achieve.

three, high repeat purchase rate of

to select the high repeat purchase rate of products, enhance the user loyalty products, because now the market has the original and not the same, is no longer a winner of the world. The development of new customers is very costly, can basically reach 3-5 times the cost of maintenance of old customers, so in order to save cost and easy operation, we must maintain a good old customer loyalty, let them choose you and depend on you.

four, excluding seasonal products

why rule out seasonal products? Because of the seasonal sales period is short, slow flow cycle, inventory pressure, so there is no strong cash flow or a good supply chain, better out of seasonal product selection.

In addition to

, we have a few small electricity providers need to be cautious, attention:

, don’t burn

as a small electricity supplier, give you a correct view, early not to burn, don’t want to go to the user scale. That is because the electricity supplier bigwigs, when we started a bit short-sighted or tail number, we have to consider how to live, how to survive the problem. So don’t burn, but to get profit, short-term, rapid return of funds, the accumulation of wealth, this is the most realistic and the most safe and reliable and is the most effective solution for long-term development. Wait until we survive, and then meet the wealth to talk about the size of the user and the market, it is practical.

two, capital and inventory

small electricity supplier, on the funds we have to do less to invest in cost savings, not to say no money, the use or to use, but to spend on the blade. About inventory, the previous product

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