The State Council five measures urged the development of cross border electricity supplier

– reporter Hou Yunlong Beijing reported

the general office of the State Council recently issued the "guiding opinions on promoting the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce health" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), put forward the optimization measures, improve the supervision of the customs inspection and quarantine supervision policies and measures, regulate the import and export tax policy, improve the e-commerce payment and settlement management, to provide financial support and other support in terms of five measures. It is generally believed that the "opinions" is under the new situation, to promote the guidance document to accelerate the development of cross-border e-commerce, will play the advantages of China’s manufacturing industry, expanding overseas marketing channels, a reasonable increase in imports, expand domestic consumption, promote the upgrading and transformation of foreign trade enterprises.

"opinions" clearly the main development goals of cross-border e-commerce, both universal support for domestic enterprises to use e-commerce to carry out foreign trade, but also focus on the strength of enterprises to encourage bigger and stronger. In particular, it is necessary to cultivate a number of public platform, foreign trade integrated service enterprises and self built platform, and encourage domestic enterprises and foreign e-commerce enterprises powerful alliances.

in addition, the "opinions" also put forward five specific support measures: one is to optimize the customs supervision measures; the two is to improve the supervision of inspection and quarantine policies and measures; the three is a clear specification of import and export tax policy, continue to implement the current cross-border e-commerce retail export tax policy, in accordance with the help of stimulating domestic consumption, fair competition and promote the development of and to strengthen the management of import tax principle, making cross-border e-commerce retail import tax policy; the four is to improve the e-commerce payment and settlement management, and steadily push forward the payment mechanism of cross-border foreign exchange payment services pilot, encourage domestic banks and Payment institutions in accordance with the law and regulations to carry out cross-border electronic payment business; the five is to provide financial support for cross-border e-commerce enterprises to focus on projects to give the necessary financial support for the credit insurance services for cross-border e-commerce. Provide effective financing and insurance support to cross-border e-commerce foreign trade integrated service enterprises.

Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce International Market Research Department deputy director Bai Ming said that the "opinions" involves many aspects of supporting policies, and how to provide good service, its essence is to promote our country from the "world factory" to "world shops", promoting cross-border business development, realize the transformation of our country from the trading country to trade power.

statistical data of the Ministry of Commerce show that in recent years, registered in the cross-border e-commerce platform for the new business entities, small and medium-sized enterprises and individual businesses have accounted for more than 90%, which will greatly increase the activity of China’s cross-border business and foreign trade development. The white Ming pointed out that the opinions of the introduction, no doubt to small and micro enterprises to the international market to bring unprecedented opportunities.

Alibaba, Jingdong and other companies engaged in cross-border electricity supplier business enterprises related to the "Economic Reference News" reporter said, "opinions" of the introduction of the State Council to promote the show cross-border business determination, with the landing of relevant policies, cross-border business is expected to show explosive growth, and will have a positive impact on the development of China’s foreign trade.

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