The first 2016 large electricity providers to promote Sunset lonely also has the splendid fireworks

this year, 618 in a warm atmosphere of not spent. Time back one or two years ago, in this 618 big promotion day, business platform is often the price war played exceptionally hot, the price advantage is the biggest killer to attract users to buy non rational.

The opposite reaction of

reflects the change of consumers. With the rise of the upgrading of consumption era and the advent of the new middle class, the user itself is changing, for the purchase price promotion also tends to be rational, no longer simply buy it.

in the face of new people "to promote itself to each business platform and the meaning of what happened? The business platform has their own views and practice, such as shopping channels have been completely from the PC end to app end of 618, the Jingdong client accounted for more than 85% NetEase, koala sea purchase accounted for over 9 of the app end a mobile, guiding has become a major business platform of the consensus. The author will select three representative platform represents the traditional electronic business platform is the 618 leading Jingdong, always seeking to follow other home activities of, and the rise of innovation in the emerging environment on behalf of NetEase koala sea purchase for large promotion initiatives to discuss, peeping "to promote the change of meaning.

1, activity intensity: high and low

is the price of large electricity providers to promote the constant of the protagonist, is also a key factor to the touch of the user, in promoting the first electricity supplier this year, the platform ready to do what


conservative: Jingdong’s barely trying

618 was originally a Jingdong’s anniversary month, as the protagonist of the Jingdong launched a 18 to 20 for three consecutive days the quality of the carnival, hundreds of millions of yuan subsidy coupons, but the strength of the entire industry is only average. From its theme, this year, Jingdong hold high quality banner, the price advantage is more general.

what is the media reported that the 618 Jingdong are not the price and then the price Maoni, 618 higher than the previous non price promotional price. Since the listing has been in a state of loss in order to reduce the price of the Jingdong trend, try quality war, but at this stage, I believe that many consumers will not pay.

entangled type: Suning attempt an ineffective solution

has boasted that Jingdong competing products in the Jingdong to enable 618 related publicity, has been directed at the friends of the business (the Jingdong), the active efforts of did not disclose the specific amount of subsidies, the only certainty is that most of the price of the product may be slightly lower than competing products Jingdong.

attack type: NetEase to attack

is the first NetEase koala sea purchase foreign sounding join the cross-border electronic business platform of 618 big promotion, backed by strong capital strength and NetEase, NetEase purchased 618 sea koala shouted 100 million cash subsidies slogans throughout the cross-border electricity supplier industry is absolutely the most subsidies, looking to the entire electricity supplier industry is also outstanding.


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