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until late October, the double eleven war soon, as the annual double eleven shopping carnival, for consumers, is a low-cost and high quality shopping experience, but to the manufacturers, the electricity supplier, it is a big promotion battle, more to be seen as a "at the end of exams". Vendors, electricity providers exactly how to prepare for double eleven wide concern.

in October 19th, Lenovo, Amazfit and intelligent digital Jingdong, Edifier, zero four well-known brand manufacturers signed a "letter of intent" in 2016 eleven strategic cooperation in the headquarters of the Jingdong, following yesterday Haman, HiMedia after signing a contract with Jingdong, intelligent digital cooperation contract manufacturers team continue to grow.


Jingdong is committed to advanced market business for Lenovo

today, manufacturers and electricity supplier cooperation has become a trend. As a comprehensive business platform, the core competitiveness of the Jingdong cannot do without the third party business services, at the same time, manufacturers also need the field of electronic commerce has the influence on the business platform as a support for the advanced business market. The Jingdong and Lenovo, Amazfit, intelligent digital cruiser, zero sign, described as combining the strengths in resource integration, platform optimization, the logistics tracking upgrade services, improve the consumer double eleven shopping experience, and can enhance brand, expand business service influence, both sides realize the advantages of integration, joint force.


Jingdong Amazfit to provide more affordable profits for consumption, and achieve sales record


Jingdong and saunterer signed an exclusive reimbursement agreement


Jingdong to work together to prepare Zero Zero eleven

in addition, the Jingdong will become intelligent digital Lenovo, Amazfit, Edifier, zero four brand new starting platform, the first time to come up with the new eleven double impact, at the same time, the Jingdong will also provide a full range of intelligent digital products covering planning, promotion, logistics, brand business solutions.

two days, Jingdong and various manufacturers signed double preheating are only the beginning of eleven, the future will be more manufacturers to cooperate with the Jingdong, and the introduction of more high-quality products in the double eleven period, leading consumers to achieve rational consumption.

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