Courier electricity providers finance upcoming logistics three

logistics is a basic industry of national economy, but also the necessary supporting and retail electricity industry survival, with the development of society to expand the scale of the commodity exchange and consumer finance, logistics has become the industry accumulated data and financial derivative attribute under a. In this regard, the vision of electricity providers and financial companies have begun to plan to get involved, and to carry out the logistics of the era of big data strategy. From the traditional financial capital flow to the commodity trading business enterprise information flow, logistics and supply chain logistics to data, such as three to one, can obtain detailed data about the social units or sectors, from the demand for credit, credit check, and then to the analysis of logistics information forecast different aspects of the whole industry chain is through.

from the current competitive situation, the logistics industry has emerged three forces, one is the traditional courier and transport enterprises, is a financial industry, there is a is business enterprise, the three have legitimate needs of incoming logistics, is also the era of War Within Three Kingdoms strong competitors.

logistics highlights the importance of

from the official point of view: in the general association of Chinese express association this year, great changes have taken place, which is the importance of upgraded express Association said. In the past by the outgoing officials as president, this year for the first time by the Deputy Minister of transportation. In addition, a noteworthy detail is that the Courier Association members face big change, the original postal occupy multiple seats, and now, finance, electricity providers, and even the automotive industry and the printing industry are squeezed in. Visible, the emphasis on the level of logistics in the increase, and get together and layout of the logistics industry in the field of enterprises and industries are also increasing. Logistics in the entire economic and social awareness and importance are increasing, it is also likely to become the next Internet financial influence and appeal of the new blue ocean.

logistics industry is currently one of the fastest growing industries, an annual increase of over 60%, in the Chinese Courier Association was founded at the beginning of 2009, before the courier companies more than 1000, a business volume of less than 2 billion, only about 100000 employees, now the courier industry scale has been expanded to more than 10 thousand companies, more than 1 million people employees, business volume this year is expected to break through 9 billion, and people’s life has become a basic industry bound together in a common cause, essential.

logistics into the respective considerations:

1, financial companies:

China UnionPay (China Express Association members, held by domestic banks) and the relationship between the logistics is less, the relationship is not so close to the relationship between electricity providers and logistics. However, in the specific business cooperation, there is a lot of space between the cup and logistics. As the third party payment UnionPay business, with the line POS acquiring business, while in the traditional courier industry, logistics charges were mostly done by cash transactions, and not fully realize the POS machine credit card charges. This is a market largely virgin land, with the rapid growth of the express delivery industry, logistics industry > charges

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