Talking about how to carry out the network marketing

is composed of word-of-mouth marketing producers and sellers outside the individual, by express or implied way, not through the third party processing, transfer of a specific product, brand, manufacturers and sellers and reminiscent of any organization or individual letter the object of interest, so that people get the recommended information, change the attitude and even a two-way interactive communication behavior of buying behavior. Can be simply understood as "buyers through word of mouth is the way to transfer information about the goods to the buyer’s family, friends and associates in the work and life of the people, a way of marketing to promote the formation of the purchase decision, that is all the way to word of mouth marketing, can be called word-of-mouth marketing.

due to word of mouth marketing has: low publicity costs; high credibility; targeted; enhance the image of the enterprise and other outstanding advantages, has been a deeply concerned about the enterprise marketing. However, although many enterprises aware of the importance of consumer word-of-mouth, but do not know how to carry out effective word-of-mouth marketing to shape and enhance corporate image, to create a strong corporate brand. Do not understand the use of traditional media to carry out word of mouth marketing, but do not understand the unique way to carry out word-of-mouth marketing in the Internet era.

here to tell you a personal experience of the author, through this small case, readers can see how the Internet affects the consumer’s buying behavior. Enterprises should also be able to learn from the network to carry out word-of-mouth marketing methods.

One day

two years ago, I traveled to the city for the purchase of furniture, furniture market, a fancy appearance is quite good, the price is relatively low in the sofa. Although it is beautiful and the price is cheap, but after all, a few thousand dollars, or think it should be more cautious, so decided to go home to see other users on the Internet to evaluate the manufacturer of this sofa. I returned home in the best of spirits in the search engines to enter the furniture brand "only love", found the feedback results only dozens of pieces of information, the heart not thump, immediately concluded that this is a small factory production of brand-name products. This judgment is very simple, because Ma Mi, Dynasty furniture and red apple several more well-known brands are the number of search engine information collected are tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Although I have some regret, but eventually gave up the original purchase plan, instead of buying a red apple sofa. I always think: if a start on this sofa manufacturer, understand the enterprise network brand marketing through the Internet, on the Internet through blogs, forums, news and other ways to spread their information, and that of the enterprises and their products positive publicity information prevail, I believe that the company’s product sales can several steps.

in fact, enterprises to carry out this new network marketing cost is not high, the Brooke soft advertising alliance platform put the total several million advertising, enough to buy tens of thousands of soft advertising so as to make the positive information about the enterprises in the network overwhelming appeared in numerous forums and blogs.

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