E commerce operations four years of hard journey

for the dream, I’ve been trying.

in June 2003, I opened two mobile phone retail outlets in Ji’nan have lost nothing to lose. I have been in school for three months because of sars. Girlfriend from home to deceive his father said to invest 30 thousand dollars is gone, depressed is really painful to.

was always calling me for my summer vacation in Shenzhen, where he started a company in Shenzhen. I think it has been done, go. The Beijing Shanghai line of the train, and I three people, a guard, a flight attendant, I think of a word: The wind blows strongly. the Yi River is so cold, the hero will go never to return! To Shenzhen, Shenzhen experienced the vicissitudes of life, but also the fickleness of the world, to see a lot of opportunities. At that time because of an idea and excited two days and two nights without sleep. At that time, if I put all of Shenzhen’s mobile phone industry chain business statistics down, made a yellow pages, national communications industry do not have to agree. However, no money! Later think, if everyone gathered to the Internet, let the world is not difficult to sell and buy the mobile phone, that I have not made a fortune! Hey, no money.

03 years in September, returned to Ji’nan, I went to the street with the mobile phone wholesale.

why, due to the story of the pipeline:

1801, a small village in central Italy.

long, long ago, a man named Boboro Bruno and two young people, they are cousins, aspiring. Live in a small village in Italy.

two young people are best friends.

they’re big dreamers.

they kept talking, hoping that one day they could somehow be the richest man in the village. They are both clever and diligent. They think they need a chance.

day, the opportunity came, the village decided to hire two people near the river water to the village square to the aquarium. The job was given to Boboro and Bruno. Two men grabbed two buckets and ran down to the river. At the end of the day, they took the town is full of water. The elders of the village paid them at a price of a penny.

"our dreams come true!" cried Bruno. "We can’t believe our good fortune."

but Boboro wasn’t so sure.

his back pain and acid, carry the heavy barrel hands blistered. He is afraid of getting up and going to work tomorrow morning. He vowed to come up with a better way to transfer water from the river to the village.

Boboro, the builder of the


"Bruno, I have a plan." On the morning of the second day, when they grabbed the bucket and ran to the river, Boboro said, "a few cents a day, but to carry it back and forth, we’ll build a pipe to bring water from the river to the village."

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